Honest Product Review: Curls Goddess Curl Gel

Pros: This product is great for 3a and 3b. It also is quite affordable to be so adamantly available. It is at all Targets across the United States and on Amazon if you are not in the US.

Cons: If you have 3c (and relatively long) hair, then go ahead a grab 2 because one bottle does not do the trick for me. I have tried in small amounts and smoothing methods, but I never get more than 2 days on a wash and go.

Heavy or Light: Very Very light. I would assume that the water content in a product like this is at least 45%. (That is a guess, I know not the recipe for this product)

Cocktailed with:  You would be best making sure your hair is drenching wet and freshly washed. For some reason when you apply to dry hair it has a slight white residue. Although the residue is temporary, I put it on right before work and looked a mess.

Smell: Like all CURLS products this product has an incredible smell and its smell is passive so you don’t have to worry about your perfume colliding with your hair. This is a major plus because some products are overly floral or have crazy undertones.

Appearance: It is clear and really thin. It doesn’t have a jiggle like consistency I would compare it to the LALA flavored yogurt drink.

Sticky: Not sticky at all. It only has a residue if it is overworked or put on dry hair but the moment your hand touches your hair, the product slips right off.

Cost: $7.99

Rating:   2.75 – I wish I could give it higher and I have purchased at least 4 of these with different styles and the results have all been the same. The weak for 3c-4c and inconsistent residue.

Should parents be allowed to perm their children hair?

Ok so let’s talk kids.

I personally have had this debate at least 30 times in my adult life and the answer is always. Absolutely not! WHY WOULD YOU EVER GET A PERM? I know straight hair certainly has its perks but there are ways to get straight hair that are much less damaging. I have 3 precious baby boys and I doubt that I would ever have this conversation but each pregnancy I did brace for it.

Being a natural hair advocate I love talking hair and hair health. So when we talk about the most harmful hair process, I cringe at the thought. Once you have changed the makeup of your hair chemistry there is no going back. Yes, you can care for it but it will be more fragile and hair loss is imminent.

So what’s the alternative? Here are three easy solutions:

A flat iron, a Dominican blowout, or a hot comb.

When you talk to people who have permed hair, what is their excuse not to be natural?

Needless to say, permed or treated hair still exist. The incline of natural hair has tripled year over year, but even with all the new resources it still does plague the melanin-based community. 

1. Natural hair is too much work

2. Natural hair cost too much

3. Natural hair is too puffy

4. “Natural just isn’t for me” 

5. No one in my family is natural so why would I be

All of this being said it can be very daunting being natural. Its new and new can be intimidating but being natural is nowhere near as scary as it may seem.

So what are 3 easy baby steps you can make? 

Well, the first thing to change is your perception of beauty. As long as you view long straight hair, or “3a/3b” hair as the best thing smoking you will never truly love what you have. 

Next thing is changing your routine. I find this to be the second most important because if you are accustomed to just wrapping it at night then say goodbye to a simple swirl and pin. I will talk more about this soon. In other words, throw out all you thought you knew about your hair and hair products and start as an open book. 

The very last thing is to stay strong and committed and keep a strong committed community. I have been natural for 10 years and not until year 5 did it seem like the rest of the world was catching up. So I wanted to not only provide my resources but a decade of knowledge learning my hair and everything 3a-4c. 

Bella Curls Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo

Pros: The price has been my argument this entire time. At 16oz, for as low as $5, you really can’t find a better priced NON’ Alcohol shampoo.

Cons: The lather is so intense and bubbly that if you have thick coarse hair that it will tangle it quickly and easily.

Heavy or Light: Light for sure, maybe even a little too light.

Cocktailed with: I would definitely put this with an immense amount of oil. You need slick really bad for this item because the cleanse is very efficient.

Smell: At first scent, it can be a bit off-putting. It has a slight floral smell but a really “affordable” odor. HOWEVER, once your hair is clean and dry it is very easy on the nose and smells great.

Appearance: v It is clear which was very different than typical curly hair products. The consistency was like Elmer’s Glue which was actually really thin silk which was pleasant.

Sticky: This product does not have a ton of elasticity, so it is really satisfyingly smooth

Cost: $5

Rating:   3

To Heat or Not to Heat, That is the Question.

Let me start off by saying I get it. For years and years in the black community, heating tools have been used and labeled as a must when getting your “hair done”

african american girl holding a flat iron and a blow dryer.

With that being said, I want to caution you. If you use heat in moderation its kinda like a diet and choosing a cheat meal… You can have it but it does come with its consequences.

So here are the Pro’s and Con’s that I have found when choosing to use heat.


  • Maximum Length
    • Heat can get your hair absolutely bone straight, it will truly show your hair length without the traditional pull.
  • Shine
    • I can’t lie when you put a shine on your hair while it’s curly you need a ton of product. However when its straight, oil and shine are the least of your worries. Any applied product glides down the hair shaft with an even coating.
  • Low Maintenance
    • Need I say more. One of the top things that naturalists all can agree on is that being natural is a ton of work and time. When your hair is straightened the time it takes to do your hair is literally seconds in compared to the 2-3 hours (or for me 6 hours)


  • Damage
    • Heat Damage is the number one culprit. For majority naturalistas, it can be irreversible damage and your curl pattern won’t come back.
  • Doesn’t last long
    • If you are an advocate on washing your hair frequently than temporarily doing heat isn’t that worth it. A little mist, humidity, or even sweat can ruin your hair with ease.
  • Limited Styling Options
    • Straight hair is very malleable so you can unintentionally create bends and creases where you don’t want at all.

All in all, heat damage is another personal hair choice that you have to weigh out. My hair doesn’t recoil well after heat so once annually is the most I can do before causing permanent damage.

The 7 Must-Haves On Your 2019 Ultimate Vision Board

I am an avid believer in writing out my goals and making my vision as plain and clear as possible. However, the one thing that I have learned while motivating others is that visions sometimes aren’t as obvious. So what are the must haves?

Health / Wellness

  • Mental Health
    • Prayer and Meditation
  • Physical Health
    • Fitness and Eating Differently
  • Outer Wellness
    • Hair and Skin Appearance


  • Spouse
    • Getting Married, Bettering Marriage or Dating
  • Children
    • Baby Planning, Children Future Securing, Baby Prevention
  • Extended Family
    • Visiting Family more, Better Communication, Building Better relationships


  • Savings
    • Building A Savings Plan
  • Income
    • Getting a Better Job, Getting a Second Job, Getting a Promotion
  • Credit Score
    • Reducing Debt, Increasing Credit


  • Must Haves in Dream Home
    • Style, Bed/Bath Ratio
  • Location
    • School District, City, Type of Town
  • Price and Payment
    • Down Payment Savings Plan, Budget Range and Loan Capability


  • Must Haves in Car
    • Style, Size
  • Price and Payment
    • Cash or Credit, Down Payment Savings Plan


  • Where Do You Want To Go
    • Location
  • How Much Do You Need To Save
    • Cost of Trips, Cost of Expenses
  • What Amenities Would Make This A Dream
    • Hotel, Adventures, Rest and Relaxation


  • Love to Have
    • Jewelry, Collectible, Computer
  • Love to Be
    • Business Owner, Vacation Planner, Attorney
  • Love to Do
    • Motivational Speaking, Animal Sitting, City Cleaner, whatever your heart desires

5 things wrong with the SheaMoisture ad #SheaMoistureFail #NotmyProduct

By now I know you have heard or seen the ridiculous ad SheaMoisture shared. And if you haven’t keep reading. The ad seems all good and dandy unless you truly are familiar with the natural hair community and what SheaMoisture was built on. SheaMoisture was the staple product for natural hair and I mean CURLY  hair people. When you heard SheaMoisture you thought of the pioneering, off the ethnic section first product. But the ad discussed hair hate and how “EVERYBODY” needs to love their hair and not ONE black woman, ethnic woman, 3b 3c 4c hair was shown. So

5 Times SheaMoisture Got It Wrong

  1. The commercial is stating “HAIR HATE” where and when do people discriminate on white people straight hair???????
  2. The entire brand was built and designed by African descent and was supported by African Americans but not 1 African was shown in this new “direction” 
  3. “Everybody Gets Love” #BissshWhere they had 4 out of 5 people were Caucasian. So Where is everybody????
  4. SheaMoisture Apology was as pathetic as the video. 
  5. They said they would take it down, and yet its still there.

Being Natural on a Budget

Even though you are saving a ton of money by cancelling out expensive perms and $100s on flat irons, being natural “incorrectly” can be very expensive.

So what’s the most cost effective way to be natural?

Even though you are saving a ton of money by cancelling out expensive perms and $100s on flat irons, being natural “incorrectly” can be very expensive.

So what’s the most cost effective way to be natural?

I can’t stress it enough the importance of understanding your hair.

Lacking Protein – Buy a carton of eggs

Lighter / Darker Hair – Lemon Juice or Coffee

Dry Hair – Coconut Oil

Shampoo – DIY Shampoo: Baking soda and water.

Conditioner –DIY Conditioner : Apple Cider Vinegar

Deep Conditioner – DIY Conditioner : Avocado Deep Conditioner

Drying Hair – T-Shirt not a towel or some expensive microfiber towel

No Heat Curls p1

Heat damage is a pain so why risk it? Here are a few no heat curls anyone can obtain: natural, permed, or transitioning.

Never Wandering

I absolutely hate applying heat to my hair. Simply because of the heat damage caused to my curls. It makes it nearly impossible to correct. So how can I get my hair to be in huge beach waves without using a curling iron or flat iron? Easy! There are tons of ways to make your hair curl without the use of any heat at all.

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9 Things You Should Know Before Going Natural

  1. It’s a different lifestyle than what you are use tooDeva Curl and Coconut Oil wash and go on 3b hair

  2. People are going to judge your hair whether you want them too or notnatural blonde hair up do puff

  3. Perm hair is anti-water but Natural hair sees water as a God sentcurly and free form hair

  4. Slick and smooth are more like curly and puffy Wand Curls on natural hair

  5. Just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another natural Curly 4c hair afro

  6. The internet is a beautiful thing but don’t let that be your only source of info. Combed afro natural hair curly smile

  7. Since no two people are alike you have to find what works best for you which means sulfate free or no shampooing for a month may be poor options for you.Long Curly Side Hair red lips

  8. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to be naturalspiral rod set natural hair curly

  9. Product searching is very costly but it shouldn’t become a bill. There are ways to be natural on a budgetblonde afro natural curly hair

What is a CoWash?

If you go through any curlfriend product stash you will quickly notice an abundance of conditioner. When you are natural, washing your hair is an extremely important task but not with shampoo. It is important to wash with conditioner more frequently than shampoo. 

Who – 

Natural Hair and Naturally Curly Hair

What – 

Cowash is an abbreviation of conditioner wash. A conditioner wash is when you wash your hair without shampoo and only using conditioner.

When – 

You should conditioner wash your was no less than 3x’s a month

Why –

Conditioning your hair is mainly used for cleansing your hair without stripping needed natural oils. However it also is used to rehydrate dry hair.

Where –

Where can you find some? Anywhere that shampoo is for sale you can find conditioner, however there are products specifically for CoWashing.

Want your Co-Wash to hydrate your hair more? try The Greenhouse Method

5 Natural Oils that fight sun damage

It’s no secret, the importance of conditioning and moisturizing your hair, but what about oiling? Oiling your hair is a MUST

While conditioning plays its role in maintaining health and moisturizing plays its role in reducing breakage, oiling your hair does both. HOWEVER you can not substitute one for the other.

So which oils can you get to protect your hair

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have charted the different level of SPF for UV protection

Essential Oil

SPF Levels

Jojoba 4
Almond 5
Macadamia 6
Raspberry 28-40
Carrot Seed 30-40


Jojoba Oil

has a low level of SPF for those who may have skin sensitivity. Jojoba Oil is light in its odor as well. This oil is the cheapest in price out of the 5 listed.

Almond Oil 

has the strongest odor. Almond Oil also is longer lasting than the other 5.

Macadamia Oil

is harder to find however it gives a greater shine than the others. It is also a stress reliever, who doesn’t love that

Raspberry Oil 

is one of the highest oils on the SPF scale that can be placed directly on the skin with no additives. Raspberry oil also has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties superior to any other oil

Carrot Seed Oil

is by far the strongest sun protectant of all. It can also be the most expensive as well but well worth the dollar.


The Curl Club natural curly hair logo

Egg Yolk Bun for Shiny Hair

Who doesn’t want their hair to naturally shine? How about take 20 minutes off of your detangling time? Both sound incredible but how about doing it for about 50cents?  Continue reading “Egg Yolk Bun for Shiny Hair”

Healthy Hair and Healthy Lifestyle

Well your hair’s health  is just like any other part of your body is extremely important. I am not saying its time to start a diet or change your eating habits. I am saying that you should add a few things if you are looking for a specific result. However, the healthier your lifestyle, the more gorgeous and healthier your hair will be.

Continue reading “Healthy Hair and Healthy Lifestyle”

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