What are Hair Goals?

What are Hair Goals?…. Just as it sounds a hair goal is a target length, texture, or appearance that you personally want to accomplish.

I would love to see my hair eventually touch my butt and I want an afro that is at least a foot large. I know I know it sounds a bit strange but when I was a child, my hair was extremely long hair. As I got older, I figured I should maybe transition to shorter hair for some reason. As soon as I cut it I regretted it. Oddly enough, I started to think that my hair would never get that length again because that took 15 years. So I figured okay well let’s just perm it and let’s just try to keep with that look of society. But deep down inside I always knew that I wanted to be natural with long hair and not permed with long hair. Some days I would even go as far as wearing my permed afro out but with the ridicule I receive I would then go revert back to just being a straight haired person. Eventually I had an epiphany in 2009 that it was my hair and I would do what I want with it. So I did the big chop and cut my hair up to my ears. In just five years later my hair is past my bra strap. I am so excited with the results but I still have the go for my hair to be back down to my butt. And next time that I rock my afro I wanted to be even more loud and obnoxious.


Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

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