My Hair Journey


Well I’ve been blogging for years and a lot of people would tell you that the best way to create a successful blog is too talk about something you are passionate about. And one thing for me I absolutely love natural hair. I love everything about my hair I love everything about other natural types of hair.
However, I always knew that everybody had a different type of curl but I didn’t know that it actually broke down to patterns, porosity. There is a lot more that goes into hair that I never even knew and I want to make sure that whatever I know, I share it because I had to dig through deep intel to find my information. I know that is a big broad spectrum but I want to help those who just don’t know. If you do know, enjoy being free from sales and ads in your face telling you about HAIR HAIR HAIR.


Well natural hair is all the rage nowadays and I definitely am a supporter of being the purest form of you. I’ve never been a makeup girl or weave person (no offense) BUT I feel like if you can grow than you should show it. Its like I always say I am made in His image so why not?.?.?.?.


So I my hair journey was like this

2003 – I officially gave up on the creamy crack

2005 – I gave up on coloring my hair anything other than black

2009 – I chopped all my hair off so that the permed portion can fully be removed

2010 – Reduced Heat on my hair by 80% I no longer blow dried my hair and only straighten 2x’s a week

2012 – Reduce the heat to 1x a month fully committing the more natural look

2013 – Changed all my hair products to the ones that gave the specs I wanted my new hair to  achieve. From Garnier to Cantu BABY !

2015 – I gave up heat all together and vowed to leave my hair in its curly state or pulled back somehow. Look at the progress I made.



I certainly can vouch for my progress being stress free and easy to manage. Learn more by following my blog. I post everyday at 6am

Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

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