The New Good Hair Movement

So what is good hair? Well if you were raised in the African American household typically in America between the years of the 90s and 2000s or even the 80s one if the things that you were told is that good hair would be fine hair or easily manageable hair. And it caused

a certain perspective amongst the black community that if you had hair that was coarse or extra curly then it was more undesirable. As a result the cost of products designed to permanently straighten natural black hair skyrocketed and developed a billion dollar industry and also reduced the self esteem amongst the black community of your natural beauty until the year of 2009. Chris Rock productions released a movie called good hair in the year 2009.

Even though this movie was full of humor it really hit home for a lot of people.

This movie described in great detail about how chemicals
are made in order to permanently straighten hair and what’s required for us to be able to obtain weave and once everyone seeing the damage that it does to the individual personally and that actually that’s physically and mentally people started to take a second look at those hair care products. Every year since then there has been a great change in the black community amongst women to make their hair go back to its most natural state a lot of people call it the big chop or you may be in situations where people may say they’re doing a natural hair group session where they just sharing products and different things like that.

Another thing that started to decrease gravely was that nine billion dollar industry in the last year alone it went down almost 20%. It’s nice to see that this good hair perspective is becoming void. Women are actually starting to feel reassured at what their body is able to grow on its own is sufficient and could still be considered beautiful.

So once the stigma started to and as far as what good hair is or is not people started to look for different products

for them to be able to nurture their natural hair more than just buying products in order to damage their natural hair. And along with these searches for products that could make your hair grow healthier and being your natural state longer women have started to look for more appropriate hairstyle that they can wear it more versatility vs just the traditional afro are brave woman actually want to be able to wear their hair in multiple cute styles because who wants to have two hairstyles a year for the rest of their life? And one issue that I personally faced once I decided to go natural and do the big chop and I also had the issue of trying to find products and figuring out which product really work for mine and learning my hair texture, one of the other issues that I ran into was actually finding the style that would work for my head or work for my face and it actually became a really big burden. Because I have this super healthy hair that was really long all the way down my back but I could not find a single hairstyle that would work for me

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