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My Wash N’ Go FAIL!


Well I have been trying relentlessly to find the perfect combination of products for my hair to be at the FINEST wash n go. But yet another fail… I’m getting closer though I can just feel it. Here is the wash n go with just the curl activator and the custard.


my hair soaking in product
my hair soaking in product

Which both are my favorite product however this was not acceptable. As you can see my hair is still drenched after 2 hours ( don’t blame the porosity either this is a bit much. )My hair was so heavy and weighed down that it felt like I had dreads ( no offense ) Im looking for defined, light, and gives the appearance of being wet but is actually completely dry.

Pros: It looks wet, it is nicely laid down as well.

Cons: It was heavy and really messy. Every step I took would cause a drip effect.






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