Natural Moms With Natural kids

Well ladies today’s post is going to be different from any other one I’ve ever done before.

10400690_10208437077114073_4500049843535468445_nI want to encourage a specific subset of individuals. I want to talk directly to the moms who have children that have natural hair. We here at the curl club, believe in natural hair 100% we are completely against tainting or shaming the natural image that God has made. Regrettably at the same time it can be difficult some days for you to feel confident that your natural beauty is beautiful. But even more to instill confidence in a child about their natural hair being beautiful.
c57445758deb37c7a26bf11735768573When my oldest son was born, he grew really long straight hair which eventually curled. Suddenly people started to tell me that my son had “good hair”. Which by far was the most disrespectful thing I could ever hear. I wasn’t sure what good hair was. I thought no matter what type of hair my son had my son would still be beautiful and blessed but that’s not how society saw it. I wanted to incl12003991_10205220491967660_8196254307837231477_nude pictures of beautiful kids of all shapes and all hair types that are apart of the curl club. As you can see by the different post we make we do not just suggest one type of hair or prioritize one type of people.

The one thing that we always stress is natural beauty in any context. product 3So I really want to apply and to motivate the mothers single or married in any relationship status who had children that have different hair textures are more uncommon hair textures than others, to reassure them that they’re beautiful and changing that would be a step back. Thank you so much ladies for believing in yourself enough to become natural but thank you so much more for encouraging and empowering your kids to be natural as well.

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