3 Simple Ways of Keeping Natural Hair Moisturized

I know that seems to be the biggest topic when it comes to natural hair transitioning. How can I keep it moisturized? Did you know that you have been accidentally drying it out on your own?

I know there are a million ways to dry out your hair on the daily basis but I wanted to give just 3 simple changes. Once you make these changes you will see obvious change and become inspired to keep going.



    • When drying your hair do NOT use a towel. A towels cotton is designed to absorb water on everything it touches. So if you want to keep moisture than you need to make sure you use a t-shirt



    • I know its easier said than done but its best to wash in warm and rinse in cold. This will help you hold onto moisture longer.


  1. Satin not Cotton

    • If you have satin pillowcases than you really need to switch over because the static friction with cause split ends while you are sleep.




Updated 2/18/16

Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

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