What are Braid Outs?

Braid out are a fairly easy way to obtain curls without the use of heat. You can simply section your hair as many and as little as you want and you will still achieve a beautiful stress free curl.

Braid outs are one of my favs


  1. They are SUPER EASY! 22
    1. I put a picture on the right of how to braid. I literally section my hair into two sides and do these braids into smaller and smaller sections
  2. They take literally NO supplies!
    1. If you have water, you can make this cute and neat style happen effortlessly.
  3. Next day, Same look
    1. The one thing that pains me is the dreaded next day curls. Usually you have to deal with the curls either being flatten, fallen, puffy…. Everything a natural hates. But NOT  with the braid out. You can easily put you hair back in those same plaits with water and go back to sleep and you have the same  effortless look the next day.






Author: Milan Milan US

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