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So I created a dialog a few weeks on my personal facebook page. It was in order to gage the day to day person and their natural hair experience. Here is the link to the dialog of the conversation.

What are the worst things about being natural? Why do you get perms? I need some honest feedback so I can prep for this next blog.

Posted by Maelan Taylor on Friday, January 8, 2016

product 3I am going to split the conversations into several discussions and it will not be overwhelming.

The first response was

“perms kills the hair……being natural is what we are suppose to be. honestly i love my natural curly hair. i embrace it. at one point everyone was getting these perms and texturizers to get their hair straight and keep it straight. all that heat and chemicals just damages and kills the hair. thins it out. yes i might color my hair but the texture of my hair is still natural curls. i color it to try something new” – Tiffany J.

I can definitely understand your perspective Tiffany. Relaxing your hair can certainly put your hair in the absolute worst predicament. First let us understand what hair is. Your hair is just fiber strands o f protein. Knowing that it is part of your body’s protein you definitely want to take care of it correct? Who wants thin and weak protein. Here are the guranteed side of effects of relaxing your hair

  1. Your hair will become thinner
    • The outer shell or your hair will be stripped down and made much more skinnier
  2. Your hair will become weaker
    • Your hair should be able to withstand strenuous natural heat and weather but permed hair will shed more because certain strands can no longer keep up

Here is a helpful video that discusses her experience with relaxer damage.

I split this into several segments because the content is extremely lengthy

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