I want to be natural… now what? 2/2

Transitioning perm to natural and how to retain moisture

How to transition from perm to natural correctly. Okay so now you have the First Step to transitioning from perm to natural. If not click here. So after you have changed over your products from the standard to true catering to your natural hair, now what? Protective Styles

Well now it’s time to start exploring protective styles.

Protective Styles for natural hair
Protective Styles for natural hair

I know it seems obvious, but this was one of the biggest struggles for me personally. I knew what I wanted to look like but when attempting to get my hair to execute it, it was a complete fail.

If you aren’t sure what a protective style, A protective style is when your hair is designed or modeled to protect the integrity as well as the ends of your hair. This can be braids, plats, twist and so much more. You can refer to my Pinterest for samples. However, it is crucial to use these styles in order to get your hair to any desired length.

“The stronger the ends the longer it gets” is what I like to say.

After learning how to incorporate these styles on your own hair. The next really big topic is maintenance. I have a few post that contain reviews on my personal favorite products to use. These reviews are on the top menu bar beneath product reviews. I know with perms you never really have to do more than oil sheen and maybe a greasing of your scalp but with natural hair it’s completely different.

Our hair does not naturally retain much moisture at first but on the other hand you have not needed to add a ton of moisture before. This will quickly change once you start to transition. There are products like moisturizers, butters, and creams designed to assist with this that all give your hair an amazingly soft texture but also extremely easy to apply. Here are a few of my favorites.


Okay so now you have changed your shampoos and conditioner, you have learned how to protect your hair and care for it so what’s next?….. NOTHING! Yeah you read right. You just have to keep up with these two steps in order to see change. However there are plenty of things you can do to fine tune the process. I love feedback, ideas, correction etc. so feel free to message me for any reason whatsoever.

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