What’s My Hair Type?

Learning your hair type can definitely be a daunting task. I am one who strongly believe in knowing your hair type because that helps you narrow down exactly what’s needed for you. Until then it’s essentially a guessing game and just trial and error of products which can be quite costly unless you got it like that. And if you do got it like that then more power to you. If you’re still trying to figure out what hair type you have and how to make sure your catering accordingly to your type then keep reading.

I’ve included an extremely accurate chart. The chart will give you an example picture because I seen that it helps the most when you know exactly what you’re looking at. Outside can definitely see someone else who has a type 3a and your 3a looks nothing alike.

There are several things to take into account when you discover your hair type. One of the biggest things was porosity. Porosity by definition is the amount of water your hair is able to hold. In my personal life my hair has a high level of porosity meaning I can literally for a cup of water on my head and it’s going to take a very long time to show up or may not even show up at all. It’s similar to a sponge by description.

Choose your hair type I’ve written to the small blurb about each one. If you have more information about your hair type that you believe could be helpful to other women, please let me know.LABEL

hair type chart
hair type chart

Author: Milan Milan US

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