The Big Chop

What is the Big Chop?

Well its when you have relaxed your hair and you want all natural so you cut a significant amount off. This doesn’t only have to be for perms it can also pertain to heat damaged hair as well. Usually once women do the big chop they are pretty dead set on staying natural.

Did I do the Big Chop?

I personally never had the guts to go all the way but I did chop off everything, but I did chop off 75% of my hair. My hair went from past my bra strap to above my ears. As it grew back I would cut it back to my ears. I repeated this for at least a year until all of the relaxed hair was entirely gone.

I want to but I am scared…

When you are doing the big chop it can be extremely scary but just know that the results are to die for. It took a lot but I knew that in the next year it would be back if I nurtured it. If you want your hair to be at the most healthiest point then a natural hair transition is a must.


What if I can’t find any styles?

I have created a pinterest board with plenty examples HERE. Also throughout the duration of this blog I will insert multiple pictures and I also have a hairstyle review area at the top of the page


What are some positives of doing the Big Chop?

  • The idea of a wash and go starts to see a bit more pleasant because of the time frame.
  • Your length retention process will not be nearly as vital so try some colors!
  • If you add hair extensions of some sort the look will be more natural
  • Trying out several conditioners/shampoos etc will be more feasible because you can discover which works best for your texture without the thought of breakage or extensive damage.
  • Your length will double in the matter of weeks so a fresh look will be constantly optional.


So if you are contemplating the big chop and just want more info, I have 2 more post that could possibly help.

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