Fashion: The Essential Guide to Spring and Summer

Well I myself have curly hair and I can attest to everything that I say for the girls who are in the 3 category  for C’s. My hair personally it is probably difficult and easy at the same time it’s that happy medium.

102b4fed9b5c1d402a3e848a1b21f4c0When I try to do my hair the most thing that  I struggle with is trying to make sure that it doesn’t appear as if my hair isn’t cooperating and that I’m trying to achieve a look that’s not possible because again that happy medium that looks like yeah maybe she did her hair or maybe she didn’t. Well I’ve inserted quite a few pictures and all of those will be attached on the blog because I love blogs that show pictures but also include some of other women who has the exact same hair texture and they can give the exact same advice that I give as far as that happy medium of maybe she did her hair maybe she didn’t but either way I really do love my hair

Here is a lesson chart on discovering your hair type

Hair Type Chart
Hair Type Chart
hair type chart
hair type chart

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