What is a Deep Condition?

What’s the difference between conditioning and deep conditioning?
For you to understand the difference between deep conditioning and daily conditioning, you have to be able to define both of them.

A conditioner is a product that you apply after you shampoo. It’s designed coat the hair with oils and minerals that may have been washed off by the prior shampoo. The manufacturers of conditioners request this as a the counterpart to the hair cleaning process that only takes a few minutes but is extremely important.


Now a deep conditioner, also known as a hair masque, it is used as an aggressive conditioner. However don’t let the word “aggressive” scare you off. Deep conditioners are used to restore or repair dry, damaged, or color treated hair. After using a deep conditioner you’re looking for a significant change in your hair texture. Deep Conditioners aren’t used after every shampoo it’s typically 2x’s a month. Another huge difference is the time duration of use. A regular conditioner is left in no more than 5 minutes but a deep conditioner can be left in for up to 30 minutes. I even know some girls that like to leave it in overnight. I would just simply follow the directions or instructions on the bottle.



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