No Such Thing As Nappy Hair

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If you grew up in the African-American community, then you should be familiar with the terms I am about to discuss. Terms referring to your hair as nappy, kitchen, and new growth. Lets have a curl talk shall we?


One thing that I was told growing up was that my hair was nappy. But I really want to dive into that word nappy in general. When I try to look up the definition of nappy as an adjective it said a black person’s hair when it’s frizzy. Frizzy, however, does not have a negative connotation. The word describes a state or condition of a person’s hair. Nappy, on the other hand, makes you automatically think this is an issue that needs to be corrected.

Nappy Hair Picture of myself

How to help it: Use the appropriate products for your hair type and not by your skin color. If you are buying hair products based on your skin you are doing it wrong. I have a ton of suggested products and prior post to teach you about your particular texture. Look at the top menu bar for more information.


So I want to make a staple of this moment right now and let you know that your hair is not nappy. I want you to know your kitchen is not an rough match of your head. I want you to know that your new growth is not a bad thing to have.

These three elements and their descriptions of your hair are completely inaccurate. You have amazingly curly hair whether it be extremely tight or extremely loose. You have a curl that is extremely gorgeous if you let it thrive and nurture it.

You cannot use dangerous and harmful things to your hair because you believe that your beauty is held within these chemicals. Your beauty is actually growing lavishly and trying to thrive and trying to show itself.

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