Cantu Define & Shine Custard

This is one of the first products that showed me how to shingle. Because it really helps with defining curls and actually making them stay there. And if you know what shingling is then you know that the key to gaining maximum definition is in the product’s grip.

k2-_00618fde-f1d9-4d0e-a51d-b9724f9a4302.v1I use this product for one reason and one reason only. I use it when I’m shingling. This particular item doesn’t come with the stickiness like gels, but it does come with the hard cast. And if I want my hair to say defined for at least a week this is my go-to item.
The biggest difference I have seen in custard vs gel is once I apply the custard and start to see flakes, I can literally just take a shower and run my hair under the water sparingly and it will immediately go away. However when you use gel the only thing you can do to rid the flakes is wash your hair completely. If I apply custard, I can maintain defined curls for up to a week without it getting gross looking. I was able to do this to my hair three times over the course of a week and the last day I still had defined curls. Which I cannot achieve with gel.


Pros: if you add just a little bit of water you won’t get a hard cast. It takes about two days before you see any type of flaking. It’s really cheap for the amount that you get and what’s required to get the shingling method complete it.

Cons: Your hair will flake like with gel but within a shorter time frame. It does not necessarily have a smell which means you have to apply something else for your hair to smell good.

Cost: $5.69 at Walmart

Cocktail with: Water or Cantu Curl Activator 

Rating: 3.0/5

Heavy or Light: Heavy

Smell: reminded me of an almond like smell

Appearance: It has a thick  consistency and it is clear as well

Sticky: really close to gel like texture

-Updated 2/20/2016


Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

5 thoughts on “Cantu Define & Shine Custard”

  1. This is my first time browsing around this blog. I’ve enjoyed my visit! Just thought I’d let you know that!

    P.S. I learned about it through a comment section under a hair tutorial video on youtube


    1. I literally screamed when I read your comment, thank you so much you have no idea. I just started this month so I try my best to fill in content, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions of what I should do please let me know


      1. Haha, I completely understand! And no problem! I’m always down to support those who support naturalistas! You’re doing a very good job so far for it to have only been created this month!

        And I sure will!!!

        Have a good one!

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