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I absolutely hate applying heat to my hair. Simply because of the heat damage caused to my curls. It makes it nearly impossible to correct. So how can I get my hair to be in huge beach waves without using a curling iron or flat iron? Easy! There are tons of ways to make your hair curl without the use of any heat at all.

Bantu Knots –


Okay I know if you heard me say it time and time again but I love bantu knots. It is the easiest hairstyle alive with very little maintenance. It is the only hairstyle that only requires you to have maybe 10 bobby pins . I have an entire post on bantu knots alone.

Products Needed: Water and Bobby Pins

Blog Post: Bantu Knots

Pinterest Board: Bantu Knots




Twist Outs 74d909617457ecd3a4b4d247f560b1cc

Here is another really easy hairstyle, a twist out. It’s very low maintenance is easy to redo for the next day if you want. This particular style also only requires you to have a cold and maybe a few hair bows for the sake of holding together your twist. Also it does not matter what stage of your hair transitioning or 100% natural the results will be extremely consistent and appear to be completely natural.

Products Needed: Water and at least 10 hair bow/ties

Blog Post: Coming Soon!

Pinterest Board: Twist Out




Spiral Sets / Baby Doll Curls83b860ee4270c6a1a665515a0cdbfa49

This one is one of the more complex hairstyles and it is a spiral set or in other words baby doll curls. In the example picture I included there are actual circular ring that you could wrap your hair around and you can sleep in or just allowed to stay in your hair over time. And want to remove them you’ll get these long singular maybe 10 millimeters in width curls.

Products Needed: Oil Sheen, Moisturizer, and spiral set rods

Blog Post: Coming Soon!

Pinterest Board: Baby Doll Curls 




Flexi Rods


Okay out of all of them, I believe this may be one of the most difficult ones that I’ve came across. This particular hairstyle is called the flexi rod. You use a cylinder like foam pencil to wrap your hair around in random patterns and curls and you will leave in your hair overnight or over the course of a few hours and you’ll get these long similar to baby doll curls. However there a bit more uniform without the spacing.
Products Needed: Flexi Rods and some form of curl activator

Blog Post: Coming Soon!

Pinterest Board: Flexi Rods




Bantu Knots

Twist Outs

Spiral Sets / Baby Dolls


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    Heat damage is a pain so why risk it? Here are a few no heat curls anyone can obtain: natural, permed, or transitioning.


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