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If you haven’t read my first blog for how to curl your hair without heat, I would definitely suggest that you do so. HERE. I want to discourage continuous use of heat applicants on hair. If you are going natural then you have made the decision that you want healthy hair. Whether you want the curls or just the overall length, being natural is a huge commitment and change of lifestyle.

Braid Outs – bdc1e4b1e43d85daa87f38d27990acc9

This one is definitely an obvious one. Braidouts are something that we may have experienced accidentally or intentionally at least once in our lives. After you have had braids in your hair for an extended period of time your hair will have a natural bend.

Products Needed: rubber bands or hair ties

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Perm Rods –064fab7652e611c3124ebf95b60802af

This is one of the more complex curls however the results are to die for. Buy some perm rods and with just a bit of your favorite oil sheen you will get a firm curl.

Products Needed: Perm Rods , oil sheen, and water

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Wash n Go – (100% naturals) wash n go]

I think we all saw this one coming. A wash and go is one of my go to favorites. It is easy because you literally do NOTHING! The less time I can spend on my hair the better. Grab your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and curl enhancer and love it ladies.

Products Needed: Perm Rods

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Hair Rollers – e0f6bc073ff85b16df421162a3e81246

How about a little old school? These are one of the favorites from the 60s-90s just about. Nothing shows a bit of grace like a traditional hair roller set. You only need a few and you can redo your curls daily. It takes the least amount of time out of the 4 and can be really maintainable on day to day bases

Products Needed: Hair Rollers 

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