Natural Hair Kids Product Review

'I know personally growing up my mom always had a hard time finding product that would work on my hair. Now that I am grown and I have kids of my own I am experiencing this first hand. So I wanted to do a collection of natural hair care products that are safe for children but also cater to that specific hair type.




Here are the 4 products that I use on my son’s hair which is 4b/4c. He has really high porosity so I can pour a cup of water and it would never show up.

Curly Q

If you have a child with fine hair but still really curly and volumized this will definitely be the best for you. Curly Q’s does not apply much weight so, sorry 3c’s and beyond because this is not for you.


If you know me then you aren’t surprised that Cantu made the list. When comparing the ingredients on product this item definitely isn’t to be overlooked. It is extremely helpful for the hair health. It also is cost-effective which is certainly something any mom loves to hear.


I only have minimal experience with this item so if you try it please let me know and I will update my information. From what I gathered about these products, you can not use if your hair is 4s. This item is a 2 or 3 hair type product. It allows definition without weight and applies a healthy amount of moisture for those who have high porosity and density.


I don’t want to leave out a single hair type when I post because it is why I created the site in the first place. Here is one of my never fails for my son. Even if I have just the adult products they still work really well for his hair which is 4c. I try to make sure his moisture is constantly applied or long lasting at the very least and you can certainly count of SheaMoisture for those needs.

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