The L.O.C. or L.C.O Method

The LOC Method is an acronym for your products application process. It gives you a very specific order to follow, but you can change it however you like. So why is it so important?

The LOC method isn’t an actual style it’s more so just a “how to” for moisturizing. Given that information, you might already do it unknowingly.

So what does it stand for?

L – Leave In Conditioner / Liquid

O – Oil

C – Cream

If you go into your product collection 9/10 you already these 3 categories, especially if your hair has high porosity. Here are a few 5 star worthy products for the LOC method.


L – Leave in Conditioner

Carol’s Daughter Leave n Conditioner

Pros: Your hair will get the full effect of a leave in conditioner with this item.

Cons: The price/oz isn’t really worth it. If you want something that is going to last longer than a month then this product is not for you.

Price: 10.69 Target

O – Oil

Shine Polishing Oil

Pros: The fragrance is incredible and light so you don’t smell like a bouquet of flowers. The consistency is just as amazingly smooth and light.

Cons: The bottles are really small. You can not buy a large size of this stuff or at least I haven’t seen any in my local grocery.

Price: 4.36 at Walmart 

C- Cream

Cantu Daily Moisturizer Cream

Pros: I’m guessing this isn’t a surprise for me to mention Cantu, but this is definitely an amazing cream. It gives you definition with no weight and is really smooth on the hair, which allow an easier combing experience.

Cons: It seems like it is extremely water based because it only last maybe 4 hours. So even though the price/oz seems really good. You will need a ton of it.

Price: $6.19 at Sally’s




  • updated 2/17/16

Author: Milan Milan US

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