5 No Product Hair Styles

Have you ever found yourself rushing in need of a quick hairstyle? Or have you realized at the last minute that you will need more styling product then you have? I am plagued by this at least 3 days a week.

I can even have the right hair products and not want that particular texture result or I can have the wrong hair products and trying to achieve a certain texture. Either way I don’t want to do my hair with what I have or I can’t do my hair with what I have. So I wanted to try and help other people who may say the exact same issue. Where you don’t have the product or the product you have is not enough.

So how about we just use water, bobby pins, and hair bows. Because those are the 3 things that I never go without.

0c91a490deaa88b227346dd1b5aaff98I suggested this style because it is super easy and can be achieved by anyone with shoulder length hair. A simple 2 part braid in the front of your hair. Each braid going towards your ears. The key to this style working without product is that you have a half up-do in the back of your hair. That will allow you to have puffy untamed curls and it look intentional.



bfbcab2f7750208c384ab3c62f80835cIf you are planning on being in an environment where having your hair down isn’t an option, this is for you. Sometimes your workplace doesn’t allow the 100% natural look, or if you are an athlete and you can’t be active and have your hair down at the same time. Either way you can take two seperate section and place in easy braids/twist into a frizzy bun. This will allow the front to remain the focal point as your puff is without product is noticeable.


natural-hairstyles2_diysThis particular style I would certainly suggest for someone who may not even have access to a comb, which definitely happens to me. A simple braid of your edges will add just a tad bit of elegant touch to your hairstyle. It will make your hair seem intentionally left that way so water and bobby pins maybe all you need.




maxresdefaultOut of all the styles, I believe this would be the classiest of them all. I know that sometimes we do our hair based on our outfit. The outfit maybe a bit more upbeat and just a plan style will not do. So I would certainly make a statement by adding at least one additional braid down the middle, it will give the feeling of excellence.





images Ok so you have no comb, no product and maybe even no brush! Here is the style for you. A simple pineapple is the proper name for it. Basically you put your ponytail in the front. The reason you put your ponytail in the front is because the back of your head is extremely unnoticable. In any event your hair will be extremely well hidden and product wouldn’t change the appearance of what this style looks like.

Author: Milan Milan US

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