Let Your Hair Run Free

Combed afro natural hair curly smile

Hey Ladies, if you are having a rough day and your hair is part of the problem, then read on. I know first hand what is like for your morning to start off a bit discouraging and some of the reason being your hair. Some times you just have to give up and give in.

When I say give up and give in I mean about letting your hair run free. Let those curls loose like they want to be. Give up on the hair tyes for a day or so. Give in to the hair wanting to be independent and free formed. Unless your workplace requires you to be “corporate” then let your natural show. Whether it is with out without moisture just make sure you are you. It takes a ton of bravery and I completely understand. You can do it, and do it boldly. Only opinion that matters is YOURS!

Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

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