5 Tips to Growing Long Hair

Have you ever wondered what I did to make my hair triple its length in 3 years? I followed these simple 5 tips and it changed my entire hairdo process 




  1. Trim your Ends or do the Big Chop
    • It is definitely easier said than done. I finally clipped my hair for the first time in my life and it made my cry a bit but if it’s not done then your hair will not grow as long as it could be.
  2. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize
    • Here is where your money may be spent the most if you do not buy the appropriate supplies. Hydration is very important since your hair curls the oils won’t make it down the entire hair follicle. This will lead to split ends and work against you. Make sure you moisturize to the best of your ability. This would be a great time to implement the LOC method on your hair.
  3. Scalp Stimulation
    • Now we are getting into the science of things. If you massage your scalp daily, you will increase the blood flow. Blood Flow is the key to thicker hair as well, but you really want to just make your hair grow quickly. This would be a great time to try the Inversion Method.
  4. No Heat or Chemicals
    • Plain and Simple, you can not continuously relax your hair and expect that your hair will remain healthy. There are multiple ways to prepare your hair if you want to color but nothing for relaxing.
  5. Protective Hairstyles
    • Your ends are cut so now lets make it unnecessary to cut anytime soon. Best way to avoid another big chop or trimming ends weekly is to protect it. There are tons of ways to protect your hair and still be extremely cute.


wp-1451374940937.jpegHere is where I gathered the information via video. However, each bullet point will take you to a more in depth explanation if needed.

Author: Milan Milan US

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