Trim Time Signs

I can hear the the war chant now. TRIM THOSE ENDS! TRIM THOSE ENDS! I have always hated cutting my hair because I thought that it was having an adverse effect on my overall goal. If I grow 6 inches but I cut 3 then what did I really achieve?

So I quit cutting it. YUP I completely stopped for 2 years cutting my hair. I refused and declined every time my hairdresser asked. I would just do protective methods. I said if people with dreads can not cut their hair for years and get ridiculous length in a short amount of time then SO COULD I.

“Worse Decision I could have ever made”

So of course my hair grew and I even retain over a foot of length. However my hair was so unhealthy that it was embarrassing to try and wear in its natural state. Some of it was curly, some was straight, some short,some long, misshapen, and neglected.

If I had just cut it like I was suppose to then not only could it had been longer but healthier as well. So moral to the story CUT CUT CUT. It can be scary but once you do it on your own you will get more and more comfortable.

So what signs should you be looking for if it’s time for a trim? Here are the top 3 tell tell signs.


  1. Individual strands will become extremely noticeable
  2. Your hair will become uneven in common styles.
    1. If you had layers those will become slanted or a ponytail will start to look distorted in a sense
  3. Your hair tangles more than usual.


Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

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