4 Ways To Attack Shrinkage

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If you ask me what do I dislike about natural hair, without a doubt I will say shrinkage. By definition, shrinkage is when your hair curls up naturally and the curls are so tight that it appears that your hair is almost 2x’s shorter than the real length. My hair personally seems 3x’s shorter. So what are some ways to display your length without the creamy crack?

However on a better note there are ways to combat shrinkage so you can retain your length.


Add Heat

If you know me you know that I am 100% against straightening your hair more than three times a year. However if you are determined to see how long your hair truly is, straightening is the 100% certainty way. The heat will burn each curl flat and will loosen the curl permanently however it will give the most accurate length measured.

74d909617457ecd3a4b4d247f560b1ccStretching hairstyles

This would be your twist outs and braid outs. I wouldn’t suggest bantu knots because those are made to make extreme definition and will not show your full length.


Hair Banding

Simply applying pressure to the hair without heat by forcing the length to stay in one position. This is usually used on really long hair


Stretching Plates 

Stretching Plates are designed to be applied to a particular sections of your hair and do one thing stretch. They do not add any type of style or color or anything other than stretching.



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