Kim Kardashian Boxer Braids or CornRows ?

naturally curly hair

There has been a ton of discussion in regards to whether or not Kim created this new boxer look or if they are really just cornrows. 

Well if you are familiar with the African-American community then you know these braids are NOT new. They are very common and have been used for years. Not just a few years either, we are talking about at least 100 years at the very least. I personally wore these faithfully throughout my highschool days which are definitely back in ancient times 🙂

Please do not write me about how the braids are just getting popular because of her either. There are many celebrities that wore these braids first. Don’t believe me click my pinterest Cornrow Board.

Pinterest Cornrows

But this seems to be a trend lately for African American Hair Styles to be taken and considered something else. I have seen this is in. Basket Weave Braids being renamed to “Zipper Braids”?


I went online and people are livid because it’s annoying to be honest. If you know the origination of something was in your heritage or culture and another individual takes credit for it…. I know you would feel at least a bit annoyed. 

Testimonials of outrage
I’m so over Kim K & the Kardashians getting credit for so much today. No offense, but many artists wore this look beforehand..Queen Latifah comes to my mind..Alisha Keys, etc. & on & on. Even in terms of the Kardashians clothes..I give credit to the designers and their name. The Kardashians are just pop culture acting as promos for fashion, but they are not the creators. With social media now being big, they would steal the credit if they could, but they are just a group of enthusiasts. -“Kristen Albertelly
Not a Kim K braid this is an African hairstyle done by them forever. Even though I like Kim it’s disrespectful to say it’s a new braid Kim K did because she didn’t she emulated. – Antonio2 weeks ago
“OBSESSED with this new braid that KIM K did!” Uhhhhhh def not NEW! I remember little black girls having this style when I was little. As a matter of fact, this is a black hair style.. Tf are you talking about? And that Kim K did? I’m sure her BLACK hairstylist did this for her…bc you know, it’s native to black people. Ugh this society smh – LaCienega Boulevardez2 weeks ago

I am not saying that no one can use them but I am saying to call them what it is and give credit where it is do. I love all colors and races so I am in full support of Kim wearing what ever she feels but I would really love to end this no-sense of renaming and discrediting.

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