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naturally curly hair business woman

It can be a bit frustrating on your natural journey to just get a style and get adjusted to being natural. It can be even more frustrating when you source of income is completely anti-natural so what do you do? 

The easiest thing to do would be to give in to the relaxed hair look but in about a month your normal hair pattern will come back crying out to you. So why not just embrace and and proudly proclaim your natural hair. I asked this question online and this was the response.

I hate that a natural texture can be considered unprofessional, but I think it has to do with corporate culture suppressing individuality and wanting everyone to look uniform. – Elsieoc

Thank you Elsieoc, I know exactly what you mean. I worked for a gift shop in The Renaissance Hotel and when I wore my afro, I was sent home. I was embarassed and ashamed but the next day I had a conversation with my immediate boss expressing my concerns. I informed her that I felt discriminated against and that it was hurtful. Then I went through several styles of what to expect and not expect and it worked out really well.

I was basically forced to resign from a job for this reason once. Worst 3 months of my working life. – MaddAddam

I am so sorry MaddAddam, I know  society is still centuries behind but I am glad that you are out of the situation. I want to commend you for going as long as you did but standing firm in your culture as well.

If you want more hair inspiration feel free to check out my Pinterest page.


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