My Product Cocktail Process

I personally make a product cocktail every time I do my hair. This may not work for everybody and people may not all understand it.

I have tried 100s (no exaggeration) of products and I have learned that one product in any area is not enough.

  • Preparing to wash or condition: The evening before I will apply coconut oil mixed with Satinique and let it sit for at least 24 hours.
    • Coconut Oil
      • This gives me a softness and shine like no other product
    • Satinique Conditioner –
      • This gives me malleability on every side of my hair

I never wash and condition in the same sitting

  • Washing: My washing process is to repair the old and strengthen the new.
    • Garnier Damage Eraser Shampoo- I go to a salon for trims every 2-3 years so I repair every chance I get.
    • Herbal Oil – Hot oil treatments open up your scalp. This is when I take the opportunity  to strengthen upcoming hair.

I always wash in hot and rinse in cold.

  • Conditioning:  I condition my hair once a week because this is what retains your length and this is when you apply protein as well.
    • Garnier Damage Eraser Conditioner – I condition most frequently because this is where the length retention happens.
    • Egg – Making my hair strong is my goal when conditioning. I add an egg or two and it becomes amazingly soft and strong.

My individual product reviews. 

Author: Milan Milan US

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