La’Porsha Renae Natural Hair Facts

American Idol with natural hair la porsha renae

If you haven’t heard LaPorsha Renae has made it to the top 2! This is definitely a celebratory moment for the natural hair community. She has proudly displayed her natural hair in front of millions. Something all naturally curly or natural women can take a note from, boldness. Let’s talk the basics of her hair and a few things she may / may not have said openly.


What does she call her hair: KoKoMo

Is it hers? Absolutely 100% real, she has admitted to wearing extensions but the majority of her afro is definitely hers.

Does it grow that way? Yes Indeed. Her social media even shows her hair growing in stages.

What is her hair type? It seems like she has a very kinky, thick texture. Just by visual I would guess 4a-4b high porosity.

What products do she use? She has expressed that she uses blue magic hair grease

Does she use weave? Sometimes but it isn’t the majority of her hair

Does she apply protective styles? Yes she has admitted to braiding her hair and on the show you can see different styles that she has worn that are protective.



La Porsha on Periscope 

Author: Milan Milan US

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