Is your hair Curly or Natural?

Recently on a FB group, I noticed a ton of women interchanging the two words: Natural and Curly. I asked a very broad and general question. What is the difference in the two words in their opinion.

Some women glady exclaimed that there wasn’t any difference in the two. I had a few even say that you can manipulate straight hair into curly patterns and natural is how your hair is grown in.

Then a very select few were even offended at the thought of someone distinguishing a difference. Saying that people believe hair in the category of 4 are sometimes not viewed as being curly any longer but kinky.

So I truly want to distinguish the two.

Curly Hair – It can be one of two things. The first is if you’re naturally grown hair from your roots grows in a wave, spiral, or zigzag. The second can be if you have manipulated your hair to resemble one of those three patterns. You can change it with Curl Wands, Hair Rollers and etc.

This may seem irrelevant for some however it can cause quite a bit of confusion if you are just starting and go online in search of answers and type in curly hair products when you truly mean natural hair products. Enjoy more Post!

Author: Milan Milan US

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