7 Ways to Ruin a Bantu Knot

Curly and wavy natural hair

Since Bantu knots have become a huge discussion in today’s media I wanted to make sure I help out the newbies. I have seen them done and failed quite a bit so here are some examples on how to ruin your bantu knots.

  1. Not fully dry.
    1. Too much water left in your hair can make it difficult for the center of your bantu knot to dry
    2. If you are anti-heat then you may want your hair to air dry before doing the knot
  2. Not fully detangled.
    1. Tangles will ruin the untwisting process.
    2. If your hair is matted and tangled when taking your knots down it won’t separate properly
  3. Not using styling product.
    1. Water is great for the twisting process however to reduce frizz and hold the style you want to use a sealant to help define your hair
  4. Taking them out too soon.
    1. Bantu knots (heatless) can not be achieved in an hour. It is most recommended over night so you can have the best hold.
  5. Inconsistent knots (unintentional)
    1. If you have several sizes and shapes and your curls are in different directions this can definitely ruin the end result when unraveling
  6. Loose knots
    1. You certainly want to use the best scrunchies, bobby pins you have because there is no way to save an unraveled bantu
  7. Loose ends
    1. Sometimes ends can dry or be left out which transpires to defined curls with a poof on the end. This is not cute and can be fixed with heat but definitely a pain

Author: Milan Milan US

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