Refined or Unrefined Coconut Oil?

Unrefined vs Refined coconut oil on natural curly hair

Coconut Oil is definitely a God sent product. It is used in every natural and curly heads journey. Since the rise of demand in coconut oil has doubled in the last 10 years, our shelves have went from maybe two products in the supermarket to 15 types of coconut oil. So how can you choose which are okay to use? Easy 

Let’s start with basic definitions.

Unrefined is non-bleached coconut oil freshly pressed and shipped, whilst Refined means bleached and chemically manipulated to remove coconut odor and flavor.

Since we are talking just about hair and not skin nor food, neither of these make a difference, so it all boils down to the end goal of your results.

can be expensivetypically pretty cheap
strong coconut smellodorless
pure unmodifiedbleached and chemically altered
healthy antioxidantsantioxidants removed
expires fasterlonger shelf life

So what are my favorites? The Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil is certainly one of my favorites. 

Author: Milan Milan US

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