What is a PuffCuff?

natural hair puff and curly ponytail

It’s the million dollar natural question, how can you get the perfect puff.
Every natural at some point has come in crossroads with putting their hair in what is called the “Puff”. The puff is also known as the ponytail but with all natural hair. Trust me there is a big difference.

PuffCuff Clip for natural hair and curly puff ponytailSo what is a PuffCuff? A circular banana clip in the simplest of terms.  However, it definitely solves the issue of the incredible puff. Since it’s circular you can simply gather your hair to the middle of your hair and hook the PuffCuff around it which is a ton easier than an elastic band.

What is it made of? Plastic

Where is it made? USA

Price: $10.00 – $14.99

Pros: Fast styling, fairly priced, minority owned, extremely convenient

Cons: Usually works best on wet hair, low grade material quality, Sharp sheared edges may cause damage, clamp doesn’t feel secure

How to Use:natural hair puff and curly ponytail


Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

7 thoughts on “What is a PuffCuff?”

  1. Hello Curl Club,

    Thank you for the PuffCuff review and introducing our product to your audience. Since PuffCuff is the ONLY hair clamp specifically designed for thick, textured hair, it’s unlike all other hair tools on the market. Tools you’ve been using for years that were never designed for your hair type in the first place. Your review has given us an awesome opportunity to address a lot of the misconceptions about the PuffCuff. If you have any questions or would like further information about PuffCuff please email us at info@thepuffcuff.com. Thanks again.

    Your list of CONS:
    1.Usually works best on wet hair
    2. Low grade material quality
    3. Sharp sheared edges may cause damage
    4. Clamp doesn’t feel secure

    Our list of REBUTTALS to misconceptions:
    1. Merely a suggestion. Can be used on wet or dry hair. It’s up to the consumer.
    2. What is this being based upon? The PuffCuff is purposely made of high-impact lightweight virgin ABS plastic. So light you can hardly feel it in your hair. It stays in place, it’s much gentler, reduces breakage and promotes healthy, strong hair. We purposely didn’t make it out of ACRYLIC like most of the shining heavy hair accessories on the market today. Acrylic is inherently brittle because it’s made from a liquid and powder being mixed to make a solid. Just lick acrylic nails. PuffCuff is non-porous so is doesn’t absorb sweat or product. Therefore the clamp will not disintegrate over time.
    3. All the edges are rounded. Plus, PuffCuff does NOT put inward pressure on your hair like all other accessories. The density and texture of your hair put outward pressure on the clamp. No friction, no tension, so no breakage.
    4. Because PuffCuff is made of a homogeneous high impact resistant plastic, it’s more sanitary than other headbands yet lightweight and durable. Elastic and rubber bands pull and tug the hair shaft, creating too much traction and stressing the hair follicle. They are simply BAD for your hair, period! You can achieve a tight look with PuffCuff without pulling your hair tight. You don’t want something heavy on your head. PuffCuff is purposely lightweight so not to cause pain our tension.


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