One Word Tips for Finger Detangling

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Clumping, grouping, clustering, whatever you want to call it, works best with finger detangling. So what are a few single word tips every natural needs to know

  1. Moisture
    • When your hair is wet detangling and taking apart knots are much easier and less damaging than when your hair is dry
  2. Conditioner
    • Brittle hair is the enemy of finger detangling. So proper hair conditioning will reduce the chance of brittle hair breaking in the process.
  3. Oil
    • Adding moisture is key however retaining moisture is just as important.  When you add oil you actually lock moisture onto your hair. Which in turn, will make your hair more malleable and slick.
  4. Patience / Time
    1. The biggest caveat of finger detangling has always been the time required. Going into it you should know it could double the amount of time required to untangle your hair.  HOWEVER with the first 3 points above it comes easier and easier along the way.

Author: Milan Milan US

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