Healthy Hair and Healthy Lifestyle

healthy body and healthy curly hair

Well your hair’s health  is just like any other part of your body is extremely important. I am not saying its time to start a diet or change your eating habits. I am saying that you should add a few things if you are looking for a specific result. However, the healthier your lifestyle, the more gorgeous and healthier your hair will be.

Did you know that? Your hair is approximately 91 percent protein.

Your hair definitely benefits from your intake and outtake, however there is no one direct food that will make your hair flourish. On a more positive note, you can influence these areas by making a few adjustments.

Curly hair and fitness CarleenShiny Hair – This healthiest way to get shiny hair without chemicals is to apply egg yolk. If you choose your favorite conditioner and apply egg yolk, your hair will be incredibly shiny. If you have left over eggs in the cart feel free to enjoy them because they are really healthy for you.

Long Hair – I have an entire post on hair to get longer hair with 5 SIMPLE STEPS.

Thick Hair  – How about something that improves your cognitive memory and makes your hair thicker? ROSEMARY. A few massages on the scalp with extra circulation will decrease thinning hair and neuroscience has proved cognitive memory loss.

Strong Hair  – One thing that we could use more of from time to time, ENERGY! Another way to increase energy so that you can live a healthier life is Honey. Honey and coconut oil can strengthen your hair almost instantly when you complete a deep treatment hair mask.

Honey and Apples give you the same amount of energy as coffee, so why not?

Soft Hair – I couldn’t complete a post without mentioning my number favorite conditioner and hair softener, AVOCADO. It is good for all of the above listed items but it is great for soft hair. If you create a mask using avocado then you soften those tough areas without adding chemicals. It is also a great source for those fatty proteins. This fat burns quicker and also gives you a great deal of energy as well.


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