The 7 Must-Haves On Your 2019 Ultimate Vision Board

I am an avid believer in writing out my goals and making my vision as plain and clear as possible. However, the one thing that I have learned while motivating others is that visions sometimes aren’t as obvious. So what are the must haves?

Health / Wellness

  • Mental Health
    • Prayer and Meditation
  • Physical Health
    • Fitness and Eating Differently
  • Outer Wellness
    • Hair and Skin Appearance


  • Spouse
    • Getting Married, Bettering Marriage or Dating
  • Children
    • Baby Planning, Children Future Securing, Baby Prevention
  • Extended Family
    • Visiting Family more, Better Communication, Building Better relationships


  • Savings
    • Building A Savings Plan
  • Income
    • Getting a Better Job, Getting a Second Job, Getting a Promotion
  • Credit Score
    • Reducing Debt, Increasing Credit


  • Must Haves in Dream Home
    • Style, Bed/Bath Ratio
  • Location
    • School District, City, Type of Town
  • Price and Payment
    • Down Payment Savings Plan, Budget Range and Loan Capability


  • Must Haves in Car
    • Style, Size
  • Price and Payment
    • Cash or Credit, Down Payment Savings Plan


  • Where Do You Want To Go
    • Location
  • How Much Do You Need To Save
    • Cost of Trips, Cost of Expenses
  • What Amenities Would Make This A Dream
    • Hotel, Adventures, Rest and Relaxation


  • Love to Have
    • Jewelry, Collectible, Computer
  • Love to Be
    • Business Owner, Vacation Planner, Attorney
  • Love to Do
    • Motivational Speaking, Animal Sitting, City Cleaner, whatever your heart desires

Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

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