To Heat or Not to Heat, That is the Question.

Let me start off by saying I get it. For years and years in the black community, heating tools have been used and labeled as a must when getting your “hair done”

african american girl holding a flat iron and a blow dryer.

With that being said, I want to caution you. If you use heat in moderation its kinda like a diet and choosing a cheat meal… You can have it but it does come with its consequences.

So here are the Pro’s and Con’s that I have found when choosing to use heat.


  • Maximum Length
    • Heat can get your hair absolutely bone straight, it will truly show your hair length without the traditional pull.
  • Shine
    • I can’t lie when you put a shine on your hair while it’s curly you need a ton of product. However when its straight, oil and shine are the least of your worries. Any applied product glides down the hair shaft with an even coating.
  • Low Maintenance
    • Need I say more. One of the top things that naturalists all can agree on is that being natural is a ton of work and time. When your hair is straightened the time it takes to do your hair is literally seconds in compared to the 2-3 hours (or for me 6 hours)


  • Damage
    • Heat Damage is the number one culprit. For majority naturalistas, it can be irreversible damage and your curl pattern won’t come back.
  • Doesn’t last long
    • If you are an advocate on washing your hair frequently than temporarily doing heat isn’t that worth it. A little mist, humidity, or even sweat can ruin your hair with ease.
  • Limited Styling Options
    • Straight hair is very malleable so you can unintentionally create bends and creases where you don’t want at all.

All in all, heat damage is another personal hair choice that you have to weigh out. My hair doesn’t recoil well after heat so once annually is the most I can do before causing permanent damage.

Author: Milan Milan US

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