When you talk to people who have permed hair, what is their excuse not to be natural?

Needless to say, permed or treated hair still exist. The incline of natural hair has tripled year over year, but even with all the new resources it still does plague the melanin-based community. 

1. Natural hair is too much work

2. Natural hair cost too much

3. Natural hair is too puffy

4. “Natural just isn’t for me” 

5. No one in my family is natural so why would I be

All of this being said it can be very daunting being natural. Its new and new can be intimidating but being natural is nowhere near as scary as it may seem.

So what are 3 easy baby steps you can make? 

Well, the first thing to change is your perception of beauty. As long as you view long straight hair, or “3a/3b” hair as the best thing smoking you will never truly love what you have. 

Next thing is changing your routine. I find this to be the second most important because if you are accustomed to just wrapping it at night then say goodbye to a simple swirl and pin. I will talk more about this soon. In other words, throw out all you thought you knew about your hair and hair products and start as an open book. 

The very last thing is to stay strong and committed and keep a strong committed community. I have been natural for 10 years and not until year 5 did it seem like the rest of the world was catching up. So I wanted to not only provide my resources but a decade of knowledge learning my hair and everything 3a-4c. 

Author: Milan Milan US

Thank God I Made It

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