Should parents be allowed to perm their children hair?

Ok so let’s talk kids.

I personally have had this debate at least 30 times in my adult life and the answer is always. Absolutely not! WHY WOULD YOU EVER GET A PERM? I know straight hair certainly has its perks but there are ways to get straight hair that are much less damaging. I have 3 precious baby boys and I doubt that I would ever have this conversation but each pregnancy I did brace for it.

Being a natural hair advocate I love talking hair and hair health. So when we talk about the most harmful hair process, I cringe at the thought. Once you have changed the makeup of your hair chemistry there is no going back. Yes, you can care for it but it will be more fragile and hair loss is imminent.

So what’s the alternative? Here are three easy solutions:

A flat iron, a Dominican blowout, or a hot comb.

Author: Milan Milan US

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