Honest Product Review: Curls Goddess Curl Gel

Pros: This product is great for 3a and 3b. It also is quite affordable to be so adamantly available. It is at all Targets across the United States and on Amazon if you are not in the US.

Cons: If you have 3c (and relatively long) hair, then go ahead a grab 2 because one bottle does not do the trick for me. I have tried in small amounts and smoothing methods, but I never get more than 2 days on a wash and go.

Heavy or Light: Very Very light. I would assume that the water content in a product like this is at least 45%. (That is a guess, I know not the recipe for this product)

Cocktailed with:  You would be best making sure your hair is drenching wet and freshly washed. For some reason when you apply to dry hair it has a slight white residue. Although the residue is temporary, I put it on right before work and looked a mess.

Smell: Like all CURLS products this product has an incredible smell and its smell is passive so you don’t have to worry about your perfume colliding with your hair. This is a major plus because some products are overly floral or have crazy undertones.

Appearance: It is clear and really thin. It doesn’t have a jiggle like consistency I would compare it to the LALA flavored yogurt drink.

Sticky: Not sticky at all. It only has a residue if it is overworked or put on dry hair but the moment your hand touches your hair, the product slips right off.

Cost: $7.99

Rating:   2.75 – I wish I could give it higher and I have purchased at least 4 of these with different styles and the results have all been the same. The weak for 3c-4c and inconsistent residue.

Author: Milan Milan US

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