5 things wrong with the SheaMoisture ad #SheaMoistureFail #NotmyProduct

By now I know you have heard or seen the ridiculous ad SheaMoisture shared. And if you haven’t keep reading. The ad seems all good and dandy unless you truly are familiar with the natural hair community and what SheaMoisture was built on. SheaMoisture was the staple product for natural hair and I mean CURLY  hair people. When you heard SheaMoisture you thought of the pioneering, off the ethnic section first product. But the ad discussed hair hate and how “EVERYBODY” needs to love their hair and not ONE black woman, ethnic woman, 3b 3c 4c hair was shown. So

5 Times SheaMoisture Got It Wrong

  1. The commercial is stating “HAIR HATE” where and when do people discriminate on white people straight hair???????
  2. The entire brand was built and designed by African descent and was supported by African Americans but not 1 African was shown in this new “direction” 
  3. “Everybody Gets Love” #BissshWhere they had 4 out of 5 people were Caucasian. So Where is everybody????
  4. SheaMoisture Apology was as pathetic as the video. 
  5. They said they would take it down, and yet its still there.

Mo Natural Hair


Just wanted to quickly recognize another giant step for natural hair. Recently, the infamous female comedian Monique, posted a picture of her natural hair. She is asking a beautiful fro of perfection and comments about how she is a new person and bold in a different way. How about a round of applause for naturals

Happy Hair Appreciation Day!!

I received a notification via FaceBook that today is Hair Appreciation Day!!!! So I gladly want to show off my amazing mane. I want to encourage you ladies to love yourselves and let your hair show! HAPPY HAIR APPRECIATION DAY


The Bantu Battle, who wore it best Dej Loaf or Blac Chyna?


Bantu knots are definitely a well known design in the natural hair community to acheive cute effortless curls. However recently the media has been continuously showing them in their infancy state. Who do you think wore their bantu knots best Dej Loaf or Blac Chyna ?

Is your hair Curly or Natural?

Recently on a FB group, I noticed a ton of women interchanging the two words: Natural and Curly. I asked a very broad and general question. What is the difference in the two words in their opinion.

Some women glady exclaimed that there wasn’t any difference in the two. I had a few even say that you can manipulate straight hair into curly patterns and natural is how your hair is grown in.

Then a very select few were even offended at the thought of someone distinguishing a difference. Saying that people believe hair in the category of 4 are sometimes not viewed as being curly any longer but kinky.

So I truly want to distinguish the two.

Curly Hair – It can be one of two things. The first is if you’re naturally grown hair from your roots grows in a wave, spiral, or zigzag. The second can be if you have manipulated your hair to resemble one of those three patterns. You can change it with Curl Wands, Hair Rollers and etc.

This may seem irrelevant for some however it can cause quite a bit of confusion if you are just starting and go online in search of answers and type in curly hair products when you truly mean natural hair products. Enjoy more Post!

Blac Chyna Bantu Knots

Natural hair wins again. Many times over have the most idolized women in entertainment displayed incredible hairstyles and textures some could only dream about. Not this time. One of the most talked about celebrities recently displayed a favorite hairstyle in the natural hair community, Bantu Knots. Angela Renée White better known as Blac Chyna  Continue reading “Blac Chyna Bantu Knots”

La’Porsha Renae Natural Hair Facts

If you haven’t heard LaPorsha Renae has made it to the top 2! This is definitely a celebratory moment for the natural hair community. She has proudly displayed her natural hair in front of millions. Something all naturally curly or natural women can take a note from, boldness. Let’s talk the basics of her hair and a few things she may / may not have said openly.

Continue reading “La’Porsha Renae Natural Hair Facts”

Natural Hair Meets Natural Love


I wanted to completely redo this post. When I reread my last one I realize my editing was confusing. Sorry about that, here we go.

Being a natural is a brave and beautiful step. Deciding to live and love your natural is a gigantic leap. I have met so many powerful women who are in love with their curls which makes them love themselves entirely. It has shown me how loving yourself unconditionally allows you to love others unconditionally.

Watching unique love makes me realize that a naturalista beauty isn’t skin deep but runs deep into their roots. My friend Sanetra is by far the most beautiful person I have ever met. She is a true example of a God-fearing woman. Her husband is as unique and amazing as she is. I absolutely love their love.



Congrats La’Porsha Renae Natural Hair on American Idol

I am so glad to write this post. More and more are we seeing natural styles appear in the media and I’m loving it. If you know me personally, then you know I am not the TV person. So if it’s not Hulu or Netflix then it better be on Youtube because I am not going to see it. However the internet has been buzzing quite a bit about a natural curly hair icon winning a place in the top 10 American Idol finalist, La’Porsha Renae. Continue reading “Congrats La’Porsha Renae Natural Hair on American Idol”

Natural Black History Hair Recap

Black history is celebrated a million ways throughout the month of February. So I intentionally wait till the end of the month to examine how the hair is celebrated amongst the african american culture.d8cf9d03b5f411787d4a24cddea0d5e6

I have noticed a ton of the Poetic Justice aka Box Braids and Cornrows.

I have also seen an increase of afros of course across the board.

Essence completed an entire spread with absolutely gorgeous women and the diversity. They go on to discuss empowerment and the uprising of “Black Women Beauty” LOVE IT!

Kim Kardashian Boxer Braids or CornRows ?

There has been a ton of discussion in regards to whether or not Kim created this new boxer look or if they are really just cornrows.  Continue reading “Kim Kardashian Boxer Braids or CornRows ?”

My favorite hair blogger followed me!!!!

So basically this entire post is just about how God has really been showing out today with over 100 views but it didn’t stop there….my favorite natural hair blogger followed me!!!!!!!

Please Follow her back!




-Updated 2/20/2016

Controlled Chaos Review COMING SOON!!!

SHARK TANK – “Episode 715” – Controlled Chaos

I watched the recent episode of the Controlled Chaos and I wanted to see how it takes on natural hair. I ordered my own and will be completing a review on it soon!

For the Review on Controlled Chaos Creme on Natural Hair Here

  • Updated 2/20/16

My Wash N’ Go FAIL!


Well I have been trying relentlessly to find the perfect combination of products for my hair to be at the FINEST wash n go. But yet another fail… I’m getting closer though I can just feel it. Here is the wash n go with just the curl activator and the custard. Continue reading “My Wash N’ Go FAIL!”