The 7 Must-Haves On Your 2019 Ultimate Vision Board

I am an avid believer in writing out my goals and making my vision as plain and clear as possible. However, the one thing that I have learned while motivating others is that visions sometimes aren’t as obvious. So what are the must haves?

Health / Wellness

  • Mental Health
    • Prayer and Meditation
  • Physical Health
    • Fitness and Eating Differently
  • Outer Wellness
    • Hair and Skin Appearance


  • Spouse
    • Getting Married, Bettering Marriage or Dating
  • Children
    • Baby Planning, Children Future Securing, Baby Prevention
  • Extended Family
    • Visiting Family more, Better Communication, Building Better relationships


  • Savings
    • Building A Savings Plan
  • Income
    • Getting a Better Job, Getting a Second Job, Getting a Promotion
  • Credit Score
    • Reducing Debt, Increasing Credit


  • Must Haves in Dream Home
    • Style, Bed/Bath Ratio
  • Location
    • School District, City, Type of Town
  • Price and Payment
    • Down Payment Savings Plan, Budget Range and Loan Capability


  • Must Haves in Car
    • Style, Size
  • Price and Payment
    • Cash or Credit, Down Payment Savings Plan


  • Where Do You Want To Go
    • Location
  • How Much Do You Need To Save
    • Cost of Trips, Cost of Expenses
  • What Amenities Would Make This A Dream
    • Hotel, Adventures, Rest and Relaxation


  • Love to Have
    • Jewelry, Collectible, Computer
  • Love to Be
    • Business Owner, Vacation Planner, Attorney
  • Love to Do
    • Motivational Speaking, Animal Sitting, City Cleaner, whatever your heart desires

Mo Natural Hair


Just wanted to quickly recognize another giant step for natural hair. Recently, the infamous female comedian Monique, posted a picture of her natural hair. She is asking a beautiful fro of perfection and comments about how she is a new person and bold in a different way. How about a round of applause for naturals

Happy Hair Appreciation Day!!

I received a notification via FaceBook that today is Hair Appreciation Day!!!! So I gladly want to show off my amazing mane. I want to encourage you ladies to love yourselves and let your hair show! HAPPY HAIR APPRECIATION DAY


Discover Your Ambition

Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

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Blac Chyna Bantu Knots

Natural hair wins again. Many times over have the most idolized women in entertainment displayed incredible hairstyles and textures some could only dream about. Not this time. One of the most talked about celebrities recently displayed a favorite hairstyle in the natural hair community, Bantu Knots. Angela Renée White better known as Blac Chyna  Continue reading “Blac Chyna Bantu Knots”

La’Porsha Renae Natural Hair Facts

If you haven’t heard LaPorsha Renae has made it to the top 2! This is definitely a celebratory moment for the natural hair community. She has proudly displayed her natural hair in front of millions. Something all naturally curly or natural women can take a note from, boldness. Let’s talk the basics of her hair and a few things she may / may not have said openly.

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Who Are You?

If you had to define who you are in one word, what would it be? Would you automatically choose a physical description? Or would your first thought be to describe your personality? If you chose to describe your physical, this doesn’t mean that you are vain Continue reading “Who Are You?”

Natural Hair Meets Natural Love


I wanted to completely redo this post. When I reread my last one I realize my editing was confusing. Sorry about that, here we go.

Being a natural is a brave and beautiful step. Deciding to live and love your natural is a gigantic leap. I have met so many powerful women who are in love with their curls which makes them love themselves entirely. It has shown me how loving yourself unconditionally allows you to love others unconditionally.

Watching unique love makes me realize that a naturalista beauty isn’t skin deep but runs deep into their roots. My friend Sanetra is by far the most beautiful person I have ever met. She is a true example of a God-fearing woman. Her husband is as unique and amazing as she is. I absolutely love their love.



The Ambitious Individual

Earlier this week my best friend shared a video on her blog that was extremely inspirational and she quoted something that really stuck with me.

If you are reading this post, you are likely an ambitious individual that wants more out of life. Continue reading “The Ambitious Individual”

Designed for Greatness

It can be difficult keeping up with the troubles of life and trying to actually live, however you are designed for a greatness. You naturally have survival of the fittest mindset, you are born with it.  Continue reading “Designed for Greatness”

Congrats La’Porsha Renae Natural Hair on American Idol

I am so glad to write this post. More and more are we seeing natural styles appear in the media and I’m loving it. If you know me personally, then you know I am not the TV person. So if it’s not Hulu or Netflix then it better be on Youtube because I am not going to see it. However the internet has been buzzing quite a bit about a natural curly hair icon winning a place in the top 10 American Idol finalist, La’Porsha Renae. Continue reading “Congrats La’Porsha Renae Natural Hair on American Idol”


I wanted to take a moment to say that you shouldn’t struggle to get out of bed in the morning. You should get out of bed, tired or not, with passion and conviction. It’s hard to initially get in the routine. Yet, once you find your definite major purpose, it’s much easier for you to move forward. Continue reading “WHAT WAKES YOU UP?”

The Diamond Within

In order for your life to take you to greater heights you must tell yourself that you are a diamond. You are intelligent, creative, and a rare gem. Love yourself and how incredible you truly are. Some people may not encourage it or even understand it but as long as you know who you are that is all that matters.


Walking In Confidence

Being a natural can be hard for others to accept but being a natural is an amazing thing. I know that sometimes it is easier to throw in the towel and conform to the norm, but when you refuse you show your strength and confidence. So walk in your confidence. Walk in your curls and kinks. Allow your hair to be just another impeccable attribute to your glory.