When you talk to people who have permed hair, what is their excuse not to be natural?

Needless to say, permed or treated hair still exist. The incline of natural hair has tripled year over year, but even with all the new resources it still does plague the melanin-based community. 

1. Natural hair is too much work

2. Natural hair cost too much

3. Natural hair is too puffy

4. “Natural just isn’t for me” 

5. No one in my family is natural so why would I be

All of this being said it can be very daunting being natural. Its new and new can be intimidating but being natural is nowhere near as scary as it may seem.

So what are 3 easy baby steps you can make? 

Well, the first thing to change is your perception of beauty. As long as you view long straight hair, or “3a/3b” hair as the best thing smoking you will never truly love what you have. 

Next thing is changing your routine. I find this to be the second most important because if you are accustomed to just wrapping it at night then say goodbye to a simple swirl and pin. I will talk more about this soon. In other words, throw out all you thought you knew about your hair and hair products and start as an open book. 

The very last thing is to stay strong and committed and keep a strong committed community. I have been natural for 10 years and not until year 5 did it seem like the rest of the world was catching up. So I wanted to not only provide my resources but a decade of knowledge learning my hair and everything 3a-4c. 

To Heat or Not to Heat, That is the Question.

Let me start off by saying I get it. For years and years in the black community, heating tools have been used and labeled as a must when getting your “hair done”

african american girl holding a flat iron and a blow dryer.

With that being said, I want to caution you. If you use heat in moderation its kinda like a diet and choosing a cheat meal… You can have it but it does come with its consequences.

So here are the Pro’s and Con’s that I have found when choosing to use heat.


  • Maximum Length
    • Heat can get your hair absolutely bone straight, it will truly show your hair length without the traditional pull.
  • Shine
    • I can’t lie when you put a shine on your hair while it’s curly you need a ton of product. However when its straight, oil and shine are the least of your worries. Any applied product glides down the hair shaft with an even coating.
  • Low Maintenance
    • Need I say more. One of the top things that naturalists all can agree on is that being natural is a ton of work and time. When your hair is straightened the time it takes to do your hair is literally seconds in compared to the 2-3 hours (or for me 6 hours)


  • Damage
    • Heat Damage is the number one culprit. For majority naturalistas, it can be irreversible damage and your curl pattern won’t come back.
  • Doesn’t last long
    • If you are an advocate on washing your hair frequently than temporarily doing heat isn’t that worth it. A little mist, humidity, or even sweat can ruin your hair with ease.
  • Limited Styling Options
    • Straight hair is very malleable so you can unintentionally create bends and creases where you don’t want at all.

All in all, heat damage is another personal hair choice that you have to weigh out. My hair doesn’t recoil well after heat so once annually is the most I can do before causing permanent damage.

Being Natural on a Budget

Even though you are saving a ton of money by cancelling out expensive perms and $100s on flat irons, being natural “incorrectly” can be very expensive.

So what’s the most cost effective way to be natural?

Even though you are saving a ton of money by cancelling out expensive perms and $100s on flat irons, being natural “incorrectly” can be very expensive.

So what’s the most cost effective way to be natural?

I can’t stress it enough the importance of understanding your hair.

Lacking Protein – Buy a carton of eggs

Lighter / Darker Hair – Lemon Juice or Coffee

Dry Hair – Coconut Oil

Shampoo – DIY Shampoo: Baking soda and water.

Conditioner –DIY Conditioner : Apple Cider Vinegar

Deep Conditioner – DIY Conditioner : Avocado Deep Conditioner

Drying Hair – T-Shirt not a towel or some expensive microfiber towel

9 Things You Should Know Before Going Natural

  1. It’s a different lifestyle than what you are use tooDeva Curl and Coconut Oil wash and go on 3b hair

  2. People are going to judge your hair whether you want them too or notnatural blonde hair up do puff

  3. Perm hair is anti-water but Natural hair sees water as a God sentcurly and free form hair

  4. Slick and smooth are more like curly and puffy Wand Curls on natural hair

  5. Just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another natural Curly 4c hair afro

  6. The internet is a beautiful thing but don’t let that be your only source of info. Combed afro natural hair curly smile

  7. Since no two people are alike you have to find what works best for you which means sulfate free or no shampooing for a month may be poor options for you.Long Curly Side Hair red lips

  8. It shouldn’t cost a fortune to be naturalspiral rod set natural hair curly

  9. Product searching is very costly but it shouldn’t become a bill. There are ways to be natural on a budgetblonde afro natural curly hair

What is a CoWash?

If you go through any curlfriend product stash you will quickly notice an abundance of conditioner. When you are natural, washing your hair is an extremely important task but not with shampoo. It is important to wash with conditioner more frequently than shampoo. 

Who – 

Natural Hair and Naturally Curly Hair

What – 

Cowash is an abbreviation of conditioner wash. A conditioner wash is when you wash your hair without shampoo and only using conditioner.

When – 

You should conditioner wash your was no less than 3x’s a month

Why –

Conditioning your hair is mainly used for cleansing your hair without stripping needed natural oils. However it also is used to rehydrate dry hair.

Where –

Where can you find some? Anywhere that shampoo is for sale you can find conditioner, however there are products specifically for CoWashing.

Want your Co-Wash to hydrate your hair more? try The Greenhouse Method

Healthy Hair and Healthy Lifestyle

Well your hair’s health  is just like any other part of your body is extremely important. I am not saying its time to start a diet or change your eating habits. I am saying that you should add a few things if you are looking for a specific result. However, the healthier your lifestyle, the more gorgeous and healthier your hair will be.

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4 easy steps to Maximum Moisture

Moisture… probably the number one negative in the natural hair community next to shrinkage. So how did I recently achieve maximum moisture?

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One Word Tips for Finger Detangling

Clumping, grouping, clustering, whatever you want to call it, works best with finger detangling. So what are a few single word tips every natural needs to know

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What is a PuffCuff?

It’s the million dollar natural question, how can you get the perfect puff.
Every natural at some point has come in crossroads with putting their hair in what is called the “Puff”. The puff is also known as the ponytail but with all natural hair. Trust me there is a big difference.

PuffCuff Clip for natural hair and curly puff ponytailSo what is a PuffCuff? A circular banana clip in the simplest of terms.  However, it definitely solves the issue of the incredible puff. Since it’s circular you can simply gather your hair to the middle of your hair and hook the PuffCuff around it which is a ton easier than an elastic band.

What is it made of? Plastic

Where is it made? USA

Price: $10.00 – $14.99

Pros: Fast styling, fairly priced, minority owned, extremely convenient

Cons: Usually works best on wet hair, low grade material quality, Sharp sheared edges may cause damage, clamp doesn’t feel secure

How to Use:natural hair puff and curly ponytail


SheaMoisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

SheaMoisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner


Pros: Grows your edges extremely quickly

Cons: not a ton of slick in the consistency

Cost: $11.28 at Amazon

Cocktail with: Any oil will help the consistency of this product, I prefer olive oil

Rating: 4.5 

Heavy or Light: light and thick

Smell: strong oil smell similar to extract

Appearance: non-translucent, thick white cream similar to cream cheese

Texture: not super creamy


7 Ways to Ruin a Bantu Knot

Since Bantu knots have become a huge discussion in today’s media I wanted to make sure I help out the newbies. I have seen them done and failed quite a bit so here are some examples on how to ruin your bantu knots.

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3 Tips of Traveling While Natural

If you are a true vacationer then you certainly have experienced the joys and sorrows of travelling while natural. So what can you do to make it more pleasurable and easier on yourself?

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Comb or Finger Detangle

To comb or not to comb that is the question. Recently people have been trending towards finger detangling and claiming its better than combing. So which should you do?
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Curls and Fitness

Have you ever avoided a full workout because of your hairstyle? Or have you ever found yourself dreading the post workout hair mane? I know I use too. Before being natural I would do all I could to make sure my perm or extremely flat ironed hair stayed flat. Now that I am natural this never crosses my mind. Curls and Fitness go together like sand and surf, like bread and butter, like pen and paper.
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