What is a Product Cocktail?

Before you start to think of after hour drinks, it’s not that kind of cocktail. We are talking all hair here. I think we all have combine products at sometime or another in our lives. Did you know that there is actually a name for it?  Continue reading “What is a Product Cocktail?”

4 Ways To Attack Shrinkage

If you ask me what do I dislike about natural hair, without a doubt I will say shrinkage. By definition, shrinkage is when your hair curls up naturally and the curls are so tight that it appears that your hair is almost 2x’s shorter than the real length. My hair personally seems 3x’s shorter. So what are some ways to display your length without the creamy crack?
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Trim Time Signs

I can hear the the war chant now. TRIM THOSE ENDS! TRIM THOSE ENDS! I have always hated cutting my hair because I thought that it was having an adverse effect on my overall goal. If I grow 6 inches but I cut 3 then what did I really achieve? Continue reading “Trim Time Signs”

Multiple Hair Type Home

If you know me personally, then you know that I have many siblings. Which leads to having multiple hair textures needing different hair products.

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What is New Growth?

New Growth

new growth

“I need to get my hair done, my perm is growing out “

If you have relaxed your entire life like myself then you know that the “new growth” was a bad thing. It meant that your perm would no longer appear naturally from your roots. You wanted to have new growth straightened because you wanted your hair appear to be silky straight which was contrary to new growth. It would make your roots curly and puffy. Had I known all along that I had gorgeous long black curly hair I would have never touched a relaxer.

How to help it: Let it GROW!!! There are healthier ways to straighten your hair without aggressive chemicals. You could purchase a flat iron with intense heat and your hair will definitely straighten. Your curls maybe looser but no where near as damaged as when they are chemically induced.

What is Hair Porosity?

If your hair is anything like mine, then you know that you could literally pour a cup of water or your hair and see less than a tablespoon come out. Why is that? Even if my hair is well moisturized, I can still add an entire cup of water.
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What is a Hair Kitchen?

My mom said is all the time growing up. “Comb your kitchen” “I need to get my kitchen straightened” “Make sure you straighten your kitchen”. As I have grown older and more knowledgeable, I have a new found understanding of what a kitchen is.


hair kitchen

“girl you need to do something about your kitchen”

I always thought that this was the worst part of my hair that had to be straightened. Now that I am as familiar as I am with natural hair I understand what is truly taking place. The hair in my kitchen was actually curly hair that was growing from my shortest strands. I would comb this part of the most aggressively because I figured my hair was tangled when it was a matter of my hair being extremely curly.

How to help it:  Make sure you treat your edges gently and with the products designed specifically for edges. Do not over comb and brush because this will just thin your hair more and more.


5 Tips to Growing Long Hair

Have you ever wondered what I did to make my hair triple its length in 3 years? I followed these simple 5 tips and it changed my entire hairdo process  Continue reading “5 Tips to Growing Long Hair”

What is a Deep Condition?

What’s the difference between conditioning and deep conditioning?
For you to understand the difference between deep conditioning and daily conditioning, you have to be able to define both of them.

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The Big Chop

What is the Big Chop?

Well its when you have relaxed your hair and you want all natural so you cut a significant amount off. This doesn’t only have to be for perms it can also pertain to heat damaged hair as well. Usually once women do the big chop they are pretty dead set on staying natural. Continue reading “The Big Chop”

Protective Hairstyle or Not?

What is a protective style? A protective style is when you design or orchestrate your hair for your ends to be protected as well as the majority of the individual strand. If you need examples I have a Pinterest board with examples.  Continue reading “Protective Hairstyle or Not?”

What’s My Hair Type?

Learning your hair type can definitely be a daunting task. I am one who strongly believe in knowing your hair type because that helps you narrow down exactly what’s needed for you. Continue reading “What’s My Hair Type?”

I want to be natural… now what? 2/2

Transitioning perm to natural and how to retain moisture

How to transition from perm to natural correctly. Okay so now you have the First Step to transitioning from perm to natural. If not click here. So after you have changed over your products from the standard to true catering to your natural hair, now what? Continue reading “I want to be natural… now what? 2/2”

3 Simple Ways of Keeping Natural Hair Moisturized

I know that seems to be the biggest topic when it comes to natural hair transitioning. How can I keep it moisturized? Did you know that you have been accidentally drying it out on your own?

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