5 Natural Oils that fight sun damage

It’s no secret, the importance of conditioning and moisturizing your hair, but what about oiling? Oiling your hair is a MUST

While conditioning plays its role in maintaining health and moisturizing plays its role in reducing breakage, oiling your hair does both. HOWEVER you can not substitute one for the other.

So which oils can you get to protect your hair

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I have charted the different level of SPF for UV protection

Essential Oil

SPF Levels

Jojoba 4
Almond 5
Macadamia 6
Raspberry 28-40
Carrot Seed 30-40


Jojoba Oil

has a low level of SPF for those who may have skin sensitivity. Jojoba Oil is light in its odor as well. This oil is the cheapest in price out of the 5 listed.

Almond Oil 

has the strongest odor. Almond Oil also is longer lasting than the other 5.

Macadamia Oil

is harder to find however it gives a greater shine than the others. It is also a stress reliever, who doesn’t love that

Raspberry Oil 

is one of the highest oils on the SPF scale that can be placed directly on the skin with no additives. Raspberry oil also has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties superior to any other oil

Carrot Seed Oil

is by far the strongest sun protectant of all. It can also be the most expensive as well but well worth the dollar.


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Egg Yolk Bun for Shiny Hair

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Healthy Hair and Healthy Lifestyle

Well your hair’s health  is just like any other part of your body is extremely important. I am not saying its time to start a diet or change your eating habits. I am saying that you should add a few things if you are looking for a specific result. However, the healthier your lifestyle, the more gorgeous and healthier your hair will be.

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Refined or Unrefined Coconut Oil?

Coconut Oil is definitely a God sent product. It is used in every natural and curly heads journey. Since the rise of demand in coconut oil has doubled in the last 10 years, our shelves have went from maybe two products in the supermarket to 15 types of coconut oil. So how can you choose which are okay to use? Easy 

Let’s start with basic definitions.

Unrefined is non-bleached coconut oil freshly pressed and shipped, whilst Refined means bleached and chemically manipulated to remove coconut odor and flavor.

Since we are talking just about hair and not skin nor food, neither of these make a difference, so it all boils down to the end goal of your results.

can be expensivetypically pretty cheap
strong coconut smellodorless
pure unmodifiedbleached and chemically altered
healthy antioxidantsantioxidants removed
expires fasterlonger shelf life

So what are my favorites? The Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil is certainly one of my favorites. 

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Yogurt on Those Edges

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Avocado and Egg Yolk

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Coconut Oil for Hair

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Olive Oil

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