Should parents be allowed to perm their children hair?

Ok so let’s talk kids.

I personally have had this debate at least 30 times in my adult life and the answer is always. Absolutely not! WHY WOULD YOU EVER GET A PERM? I know straight hair certainly has its perks but there are ways to get straight hair that are much less damaging. I have 3 precious baby boys and I doubt that I would ever have this conversation but each pregnancy I did brace for it.

Being a natural hair advocate I love talking hair and hair health. So when we talk about the most harmful hair process, I cringe at the thought. Once you have changed the makeup of your hair chemistry there is no going back. Yes, you can care for it but it will be more fragile and hair loss is imminent.

So what’s the alternative? Here are three easy solutions:

A flat iron, a Dominican blowout, or a hot comb.

No Heat Curls p1

Heat damage is a pain so why risk it? Here are a few no heat curls anyone can obtain: natural, permed, or transitioning.

Never Wandering

I absolutely hate applying heat to my hair. Simply because of the heat damage caused to my curls. It makes it nearly impossible to correct. So how can I get my hair to be in huge beach waves without using a curling iron or flat iron? Easy! There are tons of ways to make your hair curl without the use of any heat at all.

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What is a SLAP?

A video has been floating around of a revolutionary product that has been the same for easily 50 years. So of course I had to investigate. Continue reading “What is a SLAP?”

The Bantu Battle, who wore it best Dej Loaf or Blac Chyna?


Bantu knots are definitely a well known design in the natural hair community to acheive cute effortless curls. However recently the media has been continuously showing them in their infancy state. Who do you think wore their bantu knots best Dej Loaf or Blac Chyna ?

Is your hair Curly or Natural?

Recently on a FB group, I noticed a ton of women interchanging the two words: Natural and Curly. I asked a very broad and general question. What is the difference in the two words in their opinion.

Some women glady exclaimed that there wasn’t any difference in the two. I had a few even say that you can manipulate straight hair into curly patterns and natural is how your hair is grown in.

Then a very select few were even offended at the thought of someone distinguishing a difference. Saying that people believe hair in the category of 4 are sometimes not viewed as being curly any longer but kinky.

So I truly want to distinguish the two.

Curly Hair – It can be one of two things. The first is if you’re naturally grown hair from your roots grows in a wave, spiral, or zigzag. The second can be if you have manipulated your hair to resemble one of those three patterns. You can change it with Curl Wands, Hair Rollers and etc.

This may seem irrelevant for some however it can cause quite a bit of confusion if you are just starting and go online in search of answers and type in curly hair products when you truly mean natural hair products. Enjoy more Post!

Natural Hair in a Swiffer Commercial?!?!

I apologize if the title is confusing but its 100% true. Recently I was watching Shark Tank on Hulu, and I was immediately stopped mid thought. During one of the commercial breaks, I notice that there is a woman advertising the efficiency of their product. I was stunned to see that the woman doing the advertising had an afro.

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My Product Cocktail Process

I personally make a product cocktail every time I do my hair. This may not work for everybody and people may not all understand it.

I have tried 100s (no exaggeration) of products and I have learned that one product in any area is not enough.

  • Preparing to wash or condition: The evening before I will apply coconut oil mixed with Satinique and let it sit for at least 24 hours.
    • Coconut Oil
      • This gives me a softness and shine like no other product
    • Satinique Conditioner –
      • This gives me malleability on every side of my hair

I never wash and condition in the same sitting

  • Washing: My washing process is to repair the old and strengthen the new.
    • Garnier Damage Eraser Shampoo- I go to a salon for trims every 2-3 years so I repair every chance I get.
    • Herbal Oil – Hot oil treatments open up your scalp. This is when I take the opportunity  to strengthen upcoming hair.

I always wash in hot and rinse in cold.

  • Conditioning:  I condition my hair once a week because this is what retains your length and this is when you apply protein as well.
    • Garnier Damage Eraser Conditioner – I condition most frequently because this is where the length retention happens.
    • Egg – Making my hair strong is my goal when conditioning. I add an egg or two and it becomes amazingly soft and strong.

My individual product reviews. 

Natural in the Workplace Chat

It can be a bit frustrating on your natural journey to just get a style and get adjusted to being natural. It can be even more frustrating when you source of income is completely anti-natural so what do you do?  Continue reading “Natural in the Workplace Chat”

Kim Kardashian Boxer Braids or CornRows ?

There has been a ton of discussion in regards to whether or not Kim created this new boxer look or if they are really just cornrows.  Continue reading “Kim Kardashian Boxer Braids or CornRows ?”

Perm Debate p2

So I created a dialog a few weeks on my personal facebook page. It was in order to gage the day to day person and their natural hair experience. Here is the link to the dialog of the conversation.

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Perm Debate p1

So I created a dialog a few weeks on my personal facebook page. It was in order to gage the day to day person and their natural hair experience. Here is the link to the dialog of the conversation.

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My Wash N’ Go FAIL!


Well I have been trying relentlessly to find the perfect combination of products for my hair to be at the FINEST wash n go. But yet another fail… I’m getting closer though I can just feel it. Here is the wash n go with just the curl activator and the custard. Continue reading “My Wash N’ Go FAIL!”