4 easy steps to Maximum Moisture

Moisture… probably the number one negative in the natural hair community next to shrinkage. So how did I recently achieve maximum moisture?

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One Word Tips for Finger Detangling

Clumping, grouping, clustering, whatever you want to call it, works best with finger detangling. So what are a few single word tips every natural needs to know

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Eden All Natural Curl Defining Cream

I discovered this product on a pretty popular forum If you are a LOC Method lover this is perfect. It will give you simple shine and definition but can not do it alone. You need a product cocktail with this one. Continue reading “Eden All Natural Curl Defining Cream”

What is a PuffCuff?

It’s the million dollar natural question, how can you get the perfect puff.
Every natural at some point has come in crossroads with putting their hair in what is called the “Puff”. The puff is also known as the ponytail but with all natural hair. Trust me there is a big difference.

PuffCuff Clip for natural hair and curly puff ponytailSo what is a PuffCuff? A circular banana clip in the simplest of terms.  However, it definitely solves the issue of the incredible puff. Since it’s circular you can simply gather your hair to the middle of your hair and hook the PuffCuff around it which is a ton easier than an elastic band.

What is it made of? Plastic

Where is it made? USA

Price: $10.00 – $14.99

Pros: Fast styling, fairly priced, minority owned, extremely convenient

Cons: Usually works best on wet hair, low grade material quality, Sharp sheared edges may cause damage, clamp doesn’t feel secure

How to Use:natural hair puff and curly ponytail


The Greenhouse Method ?

What is the Greenhouse Method?

The Greenhouse Method is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Lightly moisturized
    1. Coconut Oil and Water.
  2. Cover your hair in a plastic baggy
  3. Wrap scarf around the plastic baggy

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SheaMoisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

SheaMoisture Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner


Pros: Grows your edges extremely quickly

Cons: not a ton of slick in the consistency

Cost: $11.28 at Amazon

Cocktail with: Any oil will help the consistency of this product, I prefer olive oil

Rating: 4.5 

Heavy or Light: light and thick

Smell: strong oil smell similar to extract

Appearance: non-translucent, thick white cream similar to cream cheese

Texture: not super creamy


Refined or Unrefined Coconut Oil?

Coconut Oil is definitely a God sent product. It is used in every natural and curly heads journey. Since the rise of demand in coconut oil has doubled in the last 10 years, our shelves have went from maybe two products in the supermarket to 15 types of coconut oil. So how can you choose which are okay to use? Easy 

Let’s start with basic definitions.

Unrefined is non-bleached coconut oil freshly pressed and shipped, whilst Refined means bleached and chemically manipulated to remove coconut odor and flavor.

Since we are talking just about hair and not skin nor food, neither of these make a difference, so it all boils down to the end goal of your results.

can be expensivetypically pretty cheap
strong coconut smellodorless
pure unmodifiedbleached and chemically altered
healthy antioxidantsantioxidants removed
expires fasterlonger shelf life

So what are my favorites? The Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil is certainly one of my favorites. 

Mo Natural Hair


Just wanted to quickly recognize another giant step for natural hair. Recently, the infamous female comedian Monique, posted a picture of her natural hair. She is asking a beautiful fro of perfection and comments about how she is a new person and bold in a different way. How about a round of applause for naturals

Happy Hair Appreciation Day!!

I received a notification via FaceBook that today is Hair Appreciation Day!!!! So I gladly want to show off my amazing mane. I want to encourage you ladies to love yourselves and let your hair show! HAPPY HAIR APPRECIATION DAY


Discover Your Ambition

Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

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7 Ways to Ruin a Bantu Knot

Since Bantu knots have become a huge discussion in today’s media I wanted to make sure I help out the newbies. I have seen them done and failed quite a bit so here are some examples on how to ruin your bantu knots.

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Praying Hands Method

The Praying Hands Method is definitely one of the most frequently used methods amongst the natural hair community that goes without saying.  Continue reading “Praying Hands Method”

What is the Dickey Method?

Do you love the wash and go? I know I do. So frequently I try and find ways to better my wash and go process. One method that I am convinced is one of the best is the Dickey Method.

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3 Tips of Traveling While Natural

If you are a true vacationer then you certainly have experienced the joys and sorrows of travelling while natural. So what can you do to make it more pleasurable and easier on yourself?

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