Walk Mighty With Your Natural

Good Morning Ladies!

I just want to encourage you all to walk mighty with your natural hair. I know it can be difficult because of judgement but your beauty can’t be duplicated so it will be hated. I am posting at least 5-10 pics a day on instagram so if you have one that you are proud of let me know and I will certainly share it!

Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

This is the best moisturizer for natural hair by far. If you choose a natural hair vlogger or blogger I am sure all of them will at some point vouch for how magnificent this item really is. Ladies if you haven’t had this and your natural then you are missing out on life.

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December15 CurlKit Review

The Shingling Method

Everyone who knows me have heard me say that the best method to unify curls is through the shingling method. What is the shingling method? Continue reading “The Shingling Method”

The New Good Hair Movement

So what is good hair? Well if you were raised in the African American household typically in America between the years of the 90s and 2000s or even the 80s one if the things that you were told is that good hair would be fine hair or easily manageable hair. And it caused

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What are Hair Goals?

What are Hair Goals?…. Just as it sounds a hair goal is a target length, texture, or appearance that you personally want to accomplish.

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My Hair Journey


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Embracing of Your Natural

Its time for some change. It is time for the embracing of your natural to take place. If you are still debating or deciding if you can handle it, YOU CAN. Take the leap and go for the big chop or a slow transition but just make the change. Continue reading “Embracing of Your Natural”