What is a CoWash?

If you go through any curlfriend product stash you will quickly notice an abundance of conditioner. When you are natural, washing your hair is an extremely important task but not with shampoo. It is important to wash with conditioner more frequently than shampoo. 

Who – 

Natural Hair and Naturally Curly Hair

What – 

Cowash is an abbreviation of conditioner wash. A conditioner wash is when you wash your hair without shampoo and only using conditioner.

When – 

You should conditioner wash your was no less than 3x’s a month

Why –

Conditioning your hair is mainly used for cleansing your hair without stripping needed natural oils. However it also is used to rehydrate dry hair.

Where –

Where can you find some? Anywhere that shampoo is for sale you can find conditioner, however there are products specifically for CoWashing.

Want your Co-Wash to hydrate your hair more? try The Greenhouse Method