Honest Product Review: Curls Goddess Curl Gel

Pros: This product is great for 3a and 3b. It also is quite affordable to be so adamantly available. It is at all Targets across the United States and on Amazon if you are not in the US.

Cons: If you have 3c (and relatively long) hair, then go ahead a grab 2 because one bottle does not do the trick for me. I have tried in small amounts and smoothing methods, but I never get more than 2 days on a wash and go.

Heavy or Light: Very Very light. I would assume that the water content in a product like this is at least 45%. (That is a guess, I know not the recipe for this product)

Cocktailed with:  You would be best making sure your hair is drenching wet and freshly washed. For some reason when you apply to dry hair it has a slight white residue. Although the residue is temporary, I put it on right before work and looked a mess.

Smell: Like all CURLS products this product has an incredible smell and its smell is passive so you don’t have to worry about your perfume colliding with your hair. This is a major plus because some products are overly floral or have crazy undertones.

Appearance: It is clear and really thin. It doesn’t have a jiggle like consistency I would compare it to the LALA flavored yogurt drink.

Sticky: Not sticky at all. It only has a residue if it is overworked or put on dry hair but the moment your hand touches your hair, the product slips right off.

Cost: $7.99

Rating:   2.75 – I wish I could give it higher and I have purchased at least 4 of these with different styles and the results have all been the same. The weak for 3c-4c and inconsistent residue.

Should parents be allowed to perm their children hair?

Ok so let’s talk kids.

I personally have had this debate at least 30 times in my adult life and the answer is always. Absolutely not! WHY WOULD YOU EVER GET A PERM? I know straight hair certainly has its perks but there are ways to get straight hair that are much less damaging. I have 3 precious baby boys and I doubt that I would ever have this conversation but each pregnancy I did brace for it.

Being a natural hair advocate I love talking hair and hair health. So when we talk about the most harmful hair process, I cringe at the thought. Once you have changed the makeup of your hair chemistry there is no going back. Yes, you can care for it but it will be more fragile and hair loss is imminent.

So what’s the alternative? Here are three easy solutions:

A flat iron, a Dominican blowout, or a hot comb.

Wavy 2’s

Wavy hair has its plus and it’s negatives as well. The major pluses and wavy hair is you can essentially be effortless in your time and doing it and you can get your entire head done in literally less than an hour.

Wavy 2 Curls
Wavy 2 Curls

Which is not even fathomable for myself, who is a 3A category hair type, or for my best friend who was a 4B/4C category hair type. The one thing that I will say is the difficulty that does come with having hair type 2 is that you have to put a lot more work into trying to achieve a girl that’s going to last longer and you deal with the issue as far as that falling but there’s a lot of grace and a lot of just natural beauty that comes with it to hairstyle.

Here is a lesson chart on discovering your hair type

hair type chart


I want to be natural… now what? 1/2

How to transition from perm to natural correctly

Okay so now your natural or at least want to be natural and you want to make sure that you do it the correct way. What is the point in going natural and making your hair even more unhealthy. The post that I made yesterday Natural hair vs Perm hair, I stress the health benefits of being natural. When you are natural or going natural, one of the first things that you have to do is understand that your hair is not going to use the same products or treatments as it previously did.

s-l225For example I used Motions religiously, like I swore by it being the best (products on the left). This was what I was accustomed to using and it was what I had always see applied to my hair growing up.

You have to understand that when your natural you not going to do the exact same things you may have been taught. The one thing that you have to do immediately is change your shampoo and change your conditioner. The shampoo that you need now is one that is majority water based because your natural hair will need as much moisture as possible. I suggest starting with something very easy to transition too.

new-garnier-fructis-bottleSince the permed hair is damaged hair that we are keeping until it outgrows or the big chop we want to use something with damage assistance .  For example I used the GoodBye Damage from Garnier. Which gave me a different much softer consistency. This is only for the transitioning time so don’t get use to it.



If you are past this point or getting close to passing this part of transition then here is the next step.

The New Good Hair Movement

So what is good hair? Well if you were raised in the African American household typically in America between the years of the 90s and 2000s or even the 80s one if the things that you were told is that good hair would be fine hair or easily manageable hair. And it caused

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My Hair Journey


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